The ULTIMATE LIFE EDIT is a five week coaching programme that has been created to empower you to understand yourself, discover what is really important to you, and create a life that makes you truly happy and fulfilled-by using specific daily journaling exercises and tried and trusted professional life coaching principles.

The LIFE EDIT is an eight step formula for career and personal success and will give you the clarity and confidence to set ambitious and life-changing goals. Through simple and effective writing practices I will show you how you can build your self-belief, eliminate self-limiting thoughts, and unleash the power of positivity in your life.

I will also share my formula for staying focused on achieving your big goals, while appreciating each day and loving the life you have now!

How can the LIFE EDIT help me?

Research has shown that handwriting helps us in a whole variety of ways. We can benefit from improved memory, greater clarity of thought and better planning as well as unlocking our creativity (yes – we all have it!) to design ourselves a brighter, more purposeful and success-filled future.

Explore and gain clarity about what you really want from your life
Clear self-limiting beliefs and unleash the POWER OF POSITIVITY
Design your ‘high definition’ BIG LIFE GOALS
Create your goal road map and identify pitfalls and opportunities
Smash your goals and love the life you have right NOW!

Take control and write the next chapter of your life!

During the  programme we will work together through the L.I.F.E. E.D.I.T formula for success and create a blueprint for your future.

So what’s included?

An initial dynamic 45 minute EXPLORE CALL to see where you are now and where you want to really be.

Week 1: You learn how to challenge your limits, let go of self limiting beliefs, love what you have in your life right now and look and listen to what you are telling yourself about success and change

Week 2: We instil unwavering self belief and get inspired to make change FAST!

Week 3: It’s all about Focus and Fear!

Week 4: Empowerment-how we can overcome nagging doubts and feel empowered to make positive changes

Week 5: Define and Decide-we look at goals and get specific about what you want. Intentions-making positive moves and being clear in your intentions and making Time for you to succeed.

We create the definitive goal road map and life plan to keep you on track.

One to One Sessions:

In week 1, week 3 and week 5 you will have a one to one coaching session with me via phone/Skype or in person if you are nearby. For all  sessions you will receive weekly online learning resources, worksheets and email support throughout the entire process.

Access to closed  FaceBook group for support, extra mentoring and motivation!

You will also receive our entire library of e-books to provide you with tips and ideas for nurturing a daily journaling habit, and ideas to help keep you on track.

The investment is just £247.

Payment plans are available because I want to make it as easy as possible for you to start creating the life that YOU want on YOUR terms!


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