“Sarah has been working with our Service Users (SU), in association with Oxford Brookes University, at our Oxford Probation office for many years. She runs a regular weekly workshop to support a certain category of our SUs in preparing for going into further and higher education. The last workshop ended early March this year just before the ‘lockdown’.

These workshops are highly received by our SUs and highly regarded by our organisation, Thames Valley Probation Service. The support the SUs received has enabled them to move on, not only to further and higher education but also to start their own projects in the community.

My organisation and I see this project as a very important and special provision made available to SUs when the stigma is that they aren’t educated or ambitious, all thanks to Sarah’s skills, knowledge, experience and personality.

The success this project has, is reflected in nominations for various awards. I have received three internal awards and was nominated to the Butler National Award at the end of last year where this project occupied an important part in my nomination.”

Aziz Halime

Thames Valley Probation

Education, Training and Employment

“It has changed my life beyond belief”

“If I could package up the LIFE EDIT and give it as a gift to everyone I care about, I absolutely would as it’s changed my life beyond belief. It’s an absolute diamond of a course in a sea of well-meaning but often inauthentic inspo coaching. It’s easy to understand, follow and implement and made all the more powerful because Sarah has done all the hard work herself to be able to be such a source of hope. For years I’ve battled anxiety brought on by some challenging life events. I’d crucially lost hope and was stuck in a negative thought cycle of being helpless and that nothing would ever change. Following the LIFE EDIT has genuinely given me back the reins. Just a small investment in myself each day has yielded results I get a bit emotional thinking about- I’m focused, I’m driven, and most special of all is that this course has freed up my time to help others. I appreciate I sound evangelical and could be writing the blurb for an infomercial- but please know this: this course is AMAZING! If you spend your days thinking you wish you had more hours to get all the positive stuff done, PLEASE sign up. It changes lives because the clever lady at the helm is a caring genius. What’s not to like?!”

Marianne Shaw-mother of three. Survivor. Total legend. Future Prime Minister.

“I am motivated and letting go!”

I really enjoyed taking part in the coaching course. I have loved the daily journaling and writing exercises and they have really helped me. It has helped me to get motivated to sort out my house and let go of things that I now no longer need. Sarah is a lovely, wonderful lady who helps you find a way to make progress no matter how big or small your plans are.”

Julie-attended a six week course

“I can finally see the light!”

I really enjoyed this course and I am so glad that I signed up! I was really stuck and I would recommend this course to anyone-whatever their plans are.

Emma-attended a six week course

“The course has helped me so much.”

The six week Write Your Life course that Sarah offers is amazing. It has helped me so much by giving me the self confidence I need to know where I want to go and what I want to do with the rest of my life. I would really recommended this course to anyone-Sarah believed in me even though I initially thought I wasn’t capable of making change.

Ceri- attended a six week course

‘I finally feel positive and happy”

Taking part in the six week programme has helped me see my life in a more positive way. I now have a clear outline about what I want to do with my life.  Sarah is just amazing.”

Emma-took part in the six week programme

“I am motivated and believe in myself”

Taking part in this programme has given me motivation to make change and finally believe in myself.

Kinga-took part in the six week Write Your Life programme.

“I have realised my dream”

This course has helped me to realise my dream and make this initial steps to start planning again. I now have the courage to believe in myself and stand up for what I want from life. By writing every day I have really got my confidence back.”

Ellen-attended a six week course

An exciting opportunity for change

When I first heard about the possibility of getting some life coaching I was excited as the opportunity for change was standing right in front of me, but at the same time, I felt quite scared as I had never tried anything like this before, what if I failed? 

I wanted to change my career.I had studied hard at uni and started on a career path that I thought would last me a lifetime, until one day after 12 years in the industry I realised I just wasn’t happy. Although I had already left my job by the time I met with Sarah, I felt unable to pin down what I really wanted to do instead. The life coaching that Sarah gave really helped me to de-clutter my thoughts and feelings and focus on what it was that I could be seeking in a career.Sarah helped me firstly to understand the thoughts that might be influencing my behaviour, make sense of all my ideas for a new potential career and then take planned,manageable,realistic steps towards change. It must be said though that to get the most out of life coaching you must be prepared to actually do something yourself!Taking responsibility is a vital part.

Sarah is such a friendly, positive and empowering person to talk to, after a coaching session with her you feel full of confidence in your ability to succeed. Sarah understands what is takes to make a change, take a risk and leap out of your comfort zone, as she speaks very much from experience. I felt that being able to speak freely in a relaxed environment to someone who I knew was actively listening and wanted to help me was really encouraging. I’m glad I tried life coaching as I don’t believe I would have got as far as I have without it.”


Constructive, gentle and confidence building

“At times in life, such as going through divorce or bereavement you can easily lose the plot, and confidence and certainties in the direction that you thought your life would take  and where you want to be change. Life has a way of surprising and shocking us with circumstances tasty we hadn’t anticipated  and this can make us feel worthless and hopeless.

I think personal development coaching is a constructive, gentle, confidence building experience. the sessions I have had with Sarah have filled my future with confidence and positivity. I am now moving in the direction of a positive and fulfilled life  and the sessions have give me the boost that I badly needed to get back on track.”


One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life

“I signed up for personal development coaching but I was nervous! I didn’t really know what to expect but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Sarah is so nice and down to earth that no matter what I was worried about she always put me at ease and made me feel I was capable of doing anything.

I went from a stay at home mum too anxious to even think about doing anything else, to applying for jobs within a matter of weeks. This is thanks to Sarah’s positivity which gave me confidence in my abilities.”


Helped me to see the bigger picture

“Coaching helped me to see the bigger picture and what I could really do with my life. I now feel that I will truly be able to be the best possible version of myself that I can. I will succeed and reach all my goals.”


I learned how to have a better life

“I have loved my coaching sessions with Sarah. I have been given a lot of help and support to improve my life and my self confidence is now slowly starting to improve.  I learned how to have a better life for myself and my family and how to manage my life better.”


I have changed my life in six weeks

“I have loved my coaching sessions and they have helped to change my life in just six weeks. I now have the tools to carry on improving my life for the future. I really enjoyed creating my inspiration board and now have self improvement tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”


Keeping positive can be hard

“I found my coaching sessions helped me to release what I wanted to do with my life and I now know how to focus on my goals.  I have started to believe in myself and I really believe I can now do what I want to do with my life.”