The Herberowe Candle Co


Amber glass jars with black lids 150g, with cotton and linen wicks £10


Luxury glass jars – 220g – with white wooden lid £20



The Herberowe Candle Co is a small Oxfordshire business that makes a range of beautiful candles from natural wax. Hand poured in small batches, each candle contains fine fragrances and have wicks made from cotton, linen or wood. All our jars are reusable and recyclable and our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible.

We currently offer two sizes of candles and a range of eight fragrances

RELAX:      Calming lavender to turn your home into a spa

INDULGE: Delicious vanilla – a sweet and soothing fragrance

SOOTHE:  Reminiscent of an English rose garden

BREATHE:  A fresh combination of peppermint and eucalyptus for clarity

WINTER:  A truly festive fragrance with hints of herbs, cedar wood and pine

ESCAPE:  An exotic combination of coconut and vanilla

COAST: Rock salt and driftwood combine to transport you to the beach

GORGEOUS: Sumptuous geranium partnered with Neroli and other essential oils

Our 150g amber apothecary jars are £10 (plus postage and packing unless local delivery) and our luxury clear glass jars with white wooden lids are £20 (plus postage and packing unless local delivery)

A percentage of all profits will be donated to mental health charities in the UK.



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