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There is just sooo much stuff out there at the moment about journaling! It really is having a renaissance and why not-it’s a brilliant thing to do for all sorts of really interesting reasons!

I should know-I have used it for more years than I care to remember to fix all kinds of stuff in my life, and it worked so well that I knew I had to share it with as many people as I possibly could.

So a few years ago I started teaching my own unique brand of personal development training and knew that daily writing and journaling had to play a really significant part in the programme.

Why? Well because I knew it would give the people I was working with a chance to get clarity, turn off the internal chatter and spend valuable time making plans for an abundant and fulfilled future.

I have worked with almost 1,000 people now and many of those people were really well and truly stuck in a cycle of self sabotage with no way out. Many of my students are already rehabilitating from some massive life challenges. Some have just left prison, others are trying to cope with mental health challenges, survive domestic abuse or recover from addictions. Others are young parents struggling with the stress of family life.

And others are people just like me. Midlife women who are empty nesters, who feel a bit below par, have lost their confidence and are not sure what to do next. Many are facing career changes or challenges and just need time to stop, pause and plan.

But I can’t teach everyone 1-1 or in groups all the time-It’s just not possible, and for many people it’s simply not affordable.


I DO want to help as many people as possible and that’s why I have created a neat, simple but resource-packed online course. It’s low cost but high value and perfect for anyone who needs to start thinking about the future.

For the first time my eight step LIFE EDIT formula has been made available as an online learning programme with videos, audios, worksheets and e books to help guide you through the process-all for £21 (plus VAT)

For a limited time I am offering 1-1 email support for the first people who sign up to give extra support and really keep you motivated.

Why not hop on over and check it out? You can access the introduction preview for free to make sure it’s the course you need, you can check out some testimonials here and if you have any questions just get in touch here

I really hope this course is going to add a ton of value to your life and really help you move on. I will see you in the first session!

Sarah x

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