Hello everyone,

Having come through a global pandemic when all our priorities changed and our lives were turned upside down, we now find the world facing a humanitarian crisis as the war in Ukraine continues to destroy entire communities.

During lockdown so many people (myself included) started new businesses, made new plans and tried their best to work with the situation we found ourselves in. Our new business is flourishing and thriving and we are very grateful for that, but it can feel difficult to celebrate wins and successes at a time when the overwhelming emotion we all have is disbelief and sadness.

I wanted to write this blog today to encourage anyone who wants to make changes and improve their lives to keep on doing just that, and to help you find a way to manage overwhelm.

We have to keep moving forward and create lives for ourselves that bring us joy and happiness and comfort. If we are in a good place with our own lives and feel able to cope with challenges, then we have a voice and the energy and confidence to use that voice for good.

Making improvements to our lives is not a ‘nice to have’ it is bloody essential for moving forward and creating a positive impact – within our families, communities or the wider world. We need resilience and strength to create lasting changes that can then have an amazing ripple effect.

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day (I have mixed feelings on this but will save that for another blog post!) and I had the great privilege of being invited to speak as part of a panel of amazing female entrepreneurs. We talked about how we can break the bias, and one topic that came up was the question around why more women don’t start businesses. There are many reasons why, but for me I think so much of this comes down to confidence.

ALL of the women I have coached over the years – who were all at different stages of their lives but firmly in the middle of a massively difficult situation – cited lack of confidence as the one big thing that was holding them back. Not having the confidence to change careers, start businesses or be able to have frank conversations with their families about their plans and how they felt was really stopping them moving forward. They were in a negative holding pattern – paralysed by the fear of making the wrong decisions.

I feel that in many ways the last two years have added to this. For example, many people who had to work from home during the pandemic and actually quite liked it, have now had to return to the workplace. Where once there was a glimmer of a potentially positive future lifestyle change during a very bleak time has now been taken away and the days of ‘business as usual’ have returned.

The plans that many people had have been forgotten and many are now back in jobs that don’t make them happy, juggling childcare, house work and careers to the inevitable point of exhaustion and burn out. And now there is also a feeling that we can’t make plans for exciting changes because of a war.

I want to urge you to hold on to those plans and ideas, don’t give up. Reframe, re-evaluate and move forward because having a job or running a business that makes you happy is a good thing. yes, we ALL have to make money – of course we do! But you are allowed to make money doing something you enjoy and that makes you feel empowered and in control. In turn that gives you confidence to speak up about the things that matter to you and be able to contribute to change.

I am well known for creating the eight step Life Edit programme that leads to remarkable transformation using writing, journaling and creativity. My book came out two years ago, and so many people have either read the book or been through my 1-1 coaching or workshop programme and achieved amazing results. 
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We are now in a new time – many of us have looked closely at our priorities and made changes. Many of you will know that I did my own Life Edit and started a new small business – it is already successful and I am hugely thankful for all the support I have received. We make great products with great care and our customers love them. 
The reason I could create this business and make this change is because I knew how to:
⭐️ Avoid overwhelm
⭐️ Identify blocks and challenges 
⭐️ Improve my confidence 
⭐️Manage my time effectively to support my business AND more importantly my life, family and wellbeing.
⭐️Create plans that led to achievable goals 

My Life Edit system helped me create a positive and fulfilling change in my life and it can help you do the same. There are loads of free resources on the website including a free e-book that you can download here

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