The Life After Lockdown Life Edit

There is hope on the horizon for a return to some kind of normality following the announcement of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, but how do YOU feel about the rest of 2021?

Our lives have changed over the last 12 months and we now have new routines, new priorities and for many people a new way of life, so how do we manage the transition from lockdown and a restricted life to getting back to normal -whatever that means?

Schools will be back from next Monday (March 8) so if you have been home schooling and feeling the pressure you will no doubt be breathing a sigh of relief that this signals the beginning of the end for restrictions on our daily lives.

Perhaps you cannot wait to get back out there, meet up with friends and family, go out for dinner and fill your diary with weeks of back to back social events and holidays?

Or perhaps you have got used to your own company and almost fear going back to the busy, manic life you had before?

Maybe you are excited about getting out of your under the stairs home office and back to work in an office with all your colleagues, having missed the interaction, conversation and company of your co-workers?

Or perhaps you dread the daily commute, pointless meetings and constant noise of a busy office environment and would love to stay working at home forever?

You might have really missed your daily swim or gym sessions and are looking forward to getting back to a regular exercise routine.

Or you might have started new habits that are cheaper, easier and less pressured than before that make you feel much better. Or your health might have suffered over the last year and you now know you need to take action.

However YOU feel about lockdown restrictions easing there will be a way to manage it all. You might not be thrilled about going out and about again or returning to a 9-5 office environment, and you might almost dread having to put normal clothes on again! This is all fine and to be expected.

For the last year we have had to change, adapt, learn new skills, and work and live differently. While many people resisted this at first and have found it intolerable, many have embraced it and made it work for them so why would they want to go back to their ‘old’ way of life?

To help ease the stress and worry of a post lockdown life, I have created a new Life Edit programme to help ease us in to the rest of 2021 and look forward with a clear, positive plan.

The Life After Lockdown Life Edit will use daily writing and journaling exercises to focus on three key areas:

  1. How you REALLY feel about lockdown ending – what are your concerns/anxieties/fears about going back to a more normal way of life? What has changed for you and how do you feel about it? What are you excited about and what can’t you wait to start doing again?
  2. What happens now? How do you want your life to be now? What does 2021 look like for you? What are your new priorities and why?
  3. Planning for the rest of 2021 and beyond. What do you want to achieve this year and how will you do it? What support/resources do you need to help you?

The Life After Lockdown Life Edit programme will be available from April 1. To sign up and receive more information please email me

The course will be delivered online with email support and will cost £35 including a copy of my book The Life Edit, a downloadable and printable planner and a journal.