How to use journalling this winter…and it is NOT all about being grateful!

Happy New Year!

We may still be facing challenging times but winter is a good time to rethink, recharge, reset and refresh every part of our lives and the best way to do that is to start writing stuff down.

If like me you are not a believer in new year resolutions then read on because there are some really good reasons to introduce new habits into your daily routine without feeling punished!

In my book The Life Edit, I make it abundantly clear that there is nothing remotely magical about journalling, it is simply a tool that when used properly can have a BIG impact on different areas of our lives.

When many of us think about journalling or search it online, we are told that we must always start with gratitude journalling and write about everything in our lives we are truly grateful for, and if we do that then great things will follow. So let’s get clear about this! Yes we should all be grateful for what we have – especially now when so many people have lost so much – BUT – a daily journaling habit, ritual or routine is far MORE than that. AND just writing about being grateful won’t necessarily work – you do actually have to BE grateful too in the same way that you do have to adopt a positive outlook rather than just write that you will! And nobody can be positive ALL the time – not even me!

Journalling requires a positive AND realistic mindset and winter is the perfect time to rethink our priorities and start to make some positive progress. This is the time for rest, nurture and recuperation. Follow nature’s lead and you will see how this makes perfect sense.

I tend not to edit anything OUT of my life at this stage of this year, instead I introduce new healthy habits that will support me as I start to gently make changes. The last thing I want to feel is like I am being punished during the coldest, bleakest time of the year! Like everyone, I need comfort, and feelings of happiness and optimism not unrealistic goals that I will not achieve!

So why should you try journalling anyway? Taking time every day or a few days a week to document your thoughts and write down your plans will really help you get clear about how you feel and how you want things to change. Seeing things written down has a profound impact on us and actually makes us more likely to act on our plans and look for ways to make changes.

Whatever life stage you are at journalling can help with anything from career and job changes to wealth, health and relationships. The key is to be very honest about how you feel about specific areas of your life and then look for small ways that you can start to make gentle, subtle changes. For too long I have read too much about how we should all be ‘smashing’ our goals and ‘nailing’ it…. I think this is nonsense and puts us all under massive amounts of unnecessary pressure. I see ‘coaches’ and ‘gurus’ promoting their latest programmes and so much of what they promise is entirely impossible for most people to achieve.

Instead decide how you want to feel this year, what’s really important to you and find ways to take some microsteps to get there. Use your journalling time the way YOU want to and write about the things that really matter to you. For some time I was fixated with making six figures a year and starting a massive empire – I realised that actually want I REALLY want to do is write about wellbeing, talk about my book and make candles! I also don’t want to work all day every day so I have made a plan to work smarter not harder this year.

These are the things that make me truly happy! Once I realised this I instantly felt much better and everything started falling into place. I remembered that I am self employed for a reason!

So to start your 2021 the way that YOU want to here are my top tips:

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Start small – don’t feel like you have to journal every day or for hours at a time. Make it a pleasure not a chore and do it when you want to. Five minutes is better than nothing.

Create the right environment – a light and airy space with an outside view is a good start. Treat yourself to a lovely journal and pen and a fabulous scented candle. Add a pot of soon to flower spring bulbs or fresh greenery from the garden.

Make yourself your favourite drink in your favourite mug, cup or glass and just write until you want to stop.

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