Light a candle for inspiration, relaxation, focus and creativity

Everyone needs a special place to use for reflection, meditation, peace and quiet and focus and if you are a journaller, Life Editor or writer of any sort you will probably already have a quiet corner that you use as part of your daily routine.

I am a great believer in setting the scene when it comes to writing and I think this is especially important if you are setting aside time every day as part of a regular writing or journaling time.

Of course we are all different and need different environments in which to thrive. My preference is a comfortable space that is light and airy with a good view of the outside world and space on my desk for a few favourite things. A special smooth stone, a small vase with fresh flowers, an inspirational photograph, beautiful notebooks and pens and always a candle.

I have loved candles for as long as I can remember and always have them on my desk and in my home. I find their flickering flame and beautiful scents both calming and comforting and a great way to counter anxiety and worry. They are a great tool to use for focus and concentration, and during lockdown I found myself buying more candles than ever!

Although I am a self confessed candle addict, my husband is not ! As an asthmatic he cannot tolerate candles made with chemicals and paraffin wax and as my candle purchasing became more out of control there was only one solution. I took time out during lockdown to learn the art and science of candle making, and trust me it really is not just a case of melting wax, pouring it into a jar with a wick, letting it set and then lighting it!

Herberowe Artisan hand poured candles are made from natural wax and fine fragrances

Candle making or chandling requires patience, tenacity and lots of time to get right. There are many variations of wick sizes, wax types, fragrances and containers and when you do get all these elements aligned and working together the result is nothing short of beautiful alchemy. I had no idea how thrilled I would be to achieve the perfect flame size, super smooth flawless candle top or ideal throw of fine fragrance!

It seems to me that candle making and writing and self development are all intrinsically linked. They all start from a place of mild chaos, uncertainty and a bit of disbelief that anything good is ever going to come of it! Things are not likely to go quite right first time. But with love, care and attention out of all that trying and testing and questioning and reframing and planning comes something beautiful and therapeutic – and something that can be enjoyed by everyone as part of their daily wellbeing ritual whether that is yoga, meditation, mindfulness, art, craft, reading or writing or simply being still.

If you haven’t embraced the candle love yet then you now can as I have developed a range of candles that use natural wax, fine fragrances and reusable jars and can help with focus and relaxation as part of your daily routine.

SOOTHE is fragranced with the perfume of beautiful English tea roses to evoke feelings of contentment, happiness and comfort

RELAX draws on lavender essential oils and will make you feel as though you are having a spa day – even at home!

INDULGE is a rich vanilla scented candle and a real treat to have in your home

BREATHE combines essences of peppermint and eucalyptus to give clarity and freshness

WINTER brings the festive and winter season into your home with fragrances of orange, clove, pine, herbs and caramel.

My HERBEROWE candles are available in two sizes and prices start from just £10. They come gift wrapped and 25 % of all profits are donated to the mental health charity Oxfordshire MIND.

In January I will be launching a second range of candles specifically designed to help with inspiration, creativity, confidence and clarity.

If you would like to order one please email me and I can send you some additional information.