Why being positive all the time is ridiculous and no…affirmations will NOT change your life!

I know I know…controversial but let’s get real about this stuff!

I am all for positivity and I bloody love an affirmation BUT nobody has the capacity to be positive ALL the time and actually I am usually deeply suspicious of those who are. And positive affirmations have their place in any personal development programme, BUT saying the same thing 20 times a day will not change your life without doing OTHER THINGS TOO!

In the same way that buying a shiny new notebook and writing down all you are grateful for will not make your life better unless you do other stuff too, or signing up to a fitness app and never actually using it (who? me?!!!) but expecting to become a well toned athlete ( FYI this will not work..) I believe affirmations work on the same basis.

Yes you need the notebook and the app and the affirmations but they are only PART of the process.

Being positive ALL the time is unrealistic – I am a very positive person but I have off days just like you. It is impossible to deal with massive life changes while staying positive ALL the time. I also think that if we are not careful we can use positivity as a way to mask what is really going on, and if we don’t deal with the tricky stuff first then your personal development plan will not work. You can’t just pretend to be positive to get over stuff – you need to do deal with it all first.

So here are a few ideas to help you integrate positivity and affirmations into your daily routine WHILE doing other things too.

  1. Get REAL about where you are, what isn’t working and what you need to change and what you really want to do next. Write it ALL down in your notebook.
  2. Start to build a mental picture of what your ideal life would look like. This is when you can start using affirmations and key words to embed these new ideas and it’s the perfect way to start an ideas board.
  3. Every day for seven days write in your journal BUT be honest about how you are really feeling – trust me it’s the best way to start a decluttering process.
  4. Start to look at what’s working well in you life (there WILL. be something good going on!) and focus on that more-write about it and notice how you feel when you do.
  5. Download my free e-book to help you on your way!
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