Writing…journalling…it’s NOT rocket science…

Here we are at the end of the first week in September. There is definitely a change in the air and I am planning to embrace it!

My plans for the rest of 2020 are taking shape in a new notebook with actions, desired outcomes and ideas for how I am going to make it all happen. I can’t make plans without writing stuff down.

But I know daily writing and journalling is not for everyone.

And that’s fine. Paddle your own canoe people!

I just need to see my plans and ideas mapped out on paper – it’s just the way I roll.

I use writing every day to deal with pretty much everything – from making sure I remember to do stuff, right through to clearing crap out of my head so that I can see the wood for the trees, and visualising new ideas, plans and essentially what my life will look like moving forward. I used writing exercises to actually plan and write my book.

It’s not rocket science – it really isn’t. It isn’t woo woo either or some kind of special secret magic. It’s just a way of getting things done. It’s a system, a process, a programme.

I know there are loads of systems out there – loads of courses, loads of coaches, loads of noise, all promising either a ‘secret’ solution or a six figure salary by working six minutes a week. I get it – really I do. The world is awash with it.

It is hard to know where to start isn’t it? I am regularly at risk of being seduced by these claims, and I am sure you are too!

But …what we all really need is to stop, pause, take a breath and THINK about what WE want next. Because I guarantee that whatever you want is not the same as what your friend wants. And that’s why I spent ten years developing writing as a coaching and teaching tool to help lots and lots of different people achieve massively different things.

That’s why I wrote my book The Life Edit. It its based on more than a decade of using plain old handwriting to make some pretty impressive changes – for me and lots of other people too.

I didn’t invent handwriting. I just developed a way to use it differently.

The Life Edit is a clear eight step process that helps you get to wherever you need to be. All you need to do is commit to a few minutes of specific writing or journalling each day. Think of it like a super quick HIIT workout but for your whole life.

SIMPLE! and trust me – it’s NOT a secret!

But the best way to find this out is for you to actually buy a signed copy of The Life Edit and see for yourself. It’s £8 (inc shipping) seriously …what have you got to lose?

Just click the PayPal link here and get started with your own Life Edit