Welcome the new season with new plans for the rest of 2020

Regular readers will know that I LOVE September. My ‘new year’ always starts this month rather than in January and I make autumn resolutions rather than the traditional New Year ones.

This year, a reset and reframe in September is even more important and relevant than ever before. We have been through lockdown – for most of us this lasted for several months and we are now all starting to adjust to a new way of doing some things.

Many people have lost their jobs, found new family dynamics challenging and feel at a loss about what to do next. Children are going back to school but many parents are not necessarily returning to work – certainly not in the same way as pre-lockdown anyway.

2020 has been tricky but it’s not over yet and we have plenty of time to still make progress, new plans and start the process of change so that the rest of the year has meaning and positive significance for us.

For many people change is scary, unsettling and negative. I totally understand that but we can make change work positively too. We have all had to embrace new ways of doing things this year and many of those things are not things we were particularly happy about doing at all – but we DID them.

Here is a reminder of some of the things we have had to do this year:

Stay at home/self isolate/shield

Socially distance

Wear masks and use hand sanitiser

Queue to get into shops

Limit some of the things we can buy

Embrace technology

Work from home

School from home

Learn to cook

Cope with isolation and loneliness

Cope with job loss/financial changes

Cope with illness and the health and wellbeing of loved ones

There are, I am sure, many other things that people from across the globe have had to cope with – these are just the headlines really. But the important thing to remember is that we DID it – we coped with changes. Some of us even mastered Zoom!

We have missed our friends and our families and struggled to keep going. But we kept on. We may not have coped with all of it all of the time but we did our best, and that was enough.

So as we move into the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness it’s time to take stock and actually congratulate ourselves for coming this far. It’s NOW time to regroup and look ahead. Yes, things are not like they used to be and they may always be different but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t move on and make changes.

Journalling is a brilliant way to start the navigation process of change. In many ways it is one of the best kept secrets because lots of people start but only those who have a tried and tested formula will actually succeed and make it work for them. In my book The Life Edit I explain the eight step formula you need that takes only ten minutes a day but delivers BIG benefits and fast.

You will discover the secrets of using writing to make exciting changes to your life – even if you hated writing at school and think you can’t write at all, and in The Life Edit I share little known techniques that can have a huge IMPACT on your life. You don’t HAVE to stay stuck and my simple eight step programme will help you save time and money because all you need is a pen and a journal to get started. Using journalling to make big changes to your life is easy – when you know how.

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