It is most definitely time for a re-boot and to think again about those goals we might have set at the beginning of 2020, which now perhaps don’t seem quite as relevant. I know that many of mine need a major tweak compared to how they were in January!

And I am fine with that. And you should be too. We are living in a new kind of place now with new priorities and a different focus and awareness of what is really important.

I keep lots of to-do lists, and I have now gone back and revised my list, crossing off lots of things that no longer resonate with me or seem important or exciting or necessary. I strongly recommend you now take a new look at your list through a new lens, rethinking what matters to you and what you really want to take action on. 

For many people, straying from their goal can be troublesome but this should not be the case. Instead we have a great opportunity to start again, with a clean slate, a new list and a new approach. We all need to embrace this time rather than have regrets or concerns about what we should have done or should be doing. It’s time to adopt a flexible approach.

However, if you are like me you might have quite a few things on your list that you would still like to achieve and that remain perfectly relevant even now. The driving forces for me when I look at my list have to be built around happiness and passion. Like everyone, I create a life that I love doing things that I love that make me happy and fulfill my passions.

But I am not always happy and positive, nobody is and it is actually not healthy to pretend you are happy and positive when you are not. However, if you are engaged in activities and plans and goals that do excite you and make you feel happy you will find challenging times easier to deal with.

We all have our own ways of dealing with challenges whatever they may be and let’s face it we have probably never seen a more challenging time than right now. So if your plans and dreams are starting to go a bit wonky and you feel a bit lost, stressed or anxious about the future then that is perfectly normal – we pretty much all fell like that right now!

And that is why it is time to look at those lists, jump start a daily journaling practice to get a bit of clarity and focus and reboot for a positive and productive rest of 2020.

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