Lockdown…how was it for you? Reset, reframe and refresh…it’s time to get going!

So how was lockdown for you? Most people I have spoken to have said they have felt either in limbo and like their life has been put on pause, or worryingly out of control, anxious and fearful.

I think most of us have felt a mixture of the two. There is no doubt that some elements of lockdown have been very beneficial, others less so. Some people are worried about the easing of restrictions, others couldn’t wait to get back to the shops, cafes and soon the pub. Some businesses have not survived, others have changed their direction and are thriving. Survival of the fittest maybe?

But as the country and world eases itself out of the pandemic (potentially) what do we do now?

Many jobs have been lost or changed, the things we used to do might not be available to us and the plans we had for the summer and beyond are probably not going to happen.

Staying motivated is challenging of that there is no doubt. However, we still have half of 2020 available to us and this is a good time to reset, reframe and refresh our plans.

For the last 12 weeks we have been surrounded by a large helping of gloom and doom. There have been high points of community spirit, joy, rainbows in windows and clapping for carers but for many people emerging from the darkness these moments have been overshadowed by anxiety, worry and fear for the future.

Life is not the same as it was before.

It is very difficult to stay positive and focused on progress when we have underlying worries and concerns about what on earth is going to happen next. You may be facing unemployment, health concerns, money worries and a very real anxiety about rejoining society. You might feel under pressure to get back on track quickly, the thought of shopping, socialising or anything else might fill you with fear.

And that is fine. We are all going to do this differently, and only YOU can do YOU.

So let me tell you what I am going to do and how I am easing myself out of lockdown. Firstly I have not suddenly got a perfect body – yes I have taken up cycling and I love it but I am not five stone lighter than I was 12 weeks ago. I never did get round to doing an entire deep clean and I gave up trying to master sourdough.

What I am doing is being enormously grateful for all the great stuff I have going on. I am fortunate to have carried on working but much of my work was cancelled at the end of March and may never return so I have done a lot of ‘pivoting’ to work differently and develop new ideas.

Staying focused and positive every day has not been easy.


My family and friends are healthy and well. Our garden is flourishing! We have an abundance of flowers, vegetables and herbs that have grown from seeds I planted during the first week of lockdown. From tiny, insignificant, dull looking seeds we have a garden full to bursting with colour and goodness and it gives me enormous joy to float around it and enjoy it!

I am getting inspired about creating my own Life Edit Journal!

And, of course, I have been writing. My novel is half finished and I am planning for it to be published and on the shelves ready for Christmas. I have realised that I have fantastic friends and have spent more time with my immediate family and it has been mostly good!

One thing that I did stick to was my daily writing and journaling habit and this has helped enormously because I still have tricky days and challenges to overcome just like you. If you are concerned or confused about what happens next and you need to reframe, refocus and refresh your plans for the rest of 2020 then you are not alone!

The process starts with looking at your life and appreciating all the good stuff you have going on and trust me you DO HAVE stuff going on that is GOOD! Start writing a list of all those things that make you happy and bring you joy.

By switching our focus to all the positive stuff we have in our lives and not giving energy or emotion to negativity we immediately start to change the way we feel and the vibration we send out, thereby attracting more positivity and allowing us to keep moving forward.

My eight step LIFE EDIT programme is the perfect way to ease yourself out of lockdown and make the most of plans for the rest of 2020. I am not running in person courses and workshops at the moment, but you can book an online session with me OR simply buy my book The Life Edit and make a start yourself and please email me hello@sarahadams.me.uk and let me know how you get on.