The lockdown Life Edit and the ‘new normal’

Lots of people have said that when this is all over things will be different. And that may well be the case. I am sure, like me, many of you started with great intentions of doing a lockdown Life Edit and, like me, you probably have stuck to doing some of the stuff that you promised you would do. You may have also found that without realising it or making any kind of intentions you have actually started your own Life Edit anyway.

I have continued working through the crisis because I work from home anyway, but I have written, gardened, danced and baked my way through the last seven weeks. I have not, however, cleared out the loft, painted the walls or done a really deep clean. And I am fine with that. But I have made big, bold decisions about what I would like our life to be like in the future and how we can make it happen. I have held my nerve and stayed focused and writing has helped me do that (as well as few gins of course!)

I think that as we head to week eight (or maybe it is nine?) this is a good time to take stock of where we are right now, what we have achieved, and how we really feel about what we are going to do next. Because we are heading for a new normal and we really need to make some plans.

As I write this post, it looks like some of the restrictions are going to change over the next few days so before we realise it we might be heading for that “new normal”. Right now, none of us really know what that new normal will look like. Various things have been discussed such as the end of hot desking (should have happened ages ago really) a staggered return to work and certain social distance measures being relaxed.

The last few weeks have afforded many of us the luxury of time to reassess our lives, our ideals, our feelings and our priorities. It is easy to say that when this is over we will be nicer, kinder, more sympathetic, more understanding, less materialistic and more in tune with our fellow human beings and nature. It is easy to say that we will never criticise the NHS again and that we now know what’s really important and that we no longer need all that stuff that we raced the shops to buy pre Covid-19. But do we mean it or are our good intentions simply a reaction to what’s happened?

Are we saying these things because we mean them or because we think we SHOULD be saying them? Are we doing things we want to or things that we think we should be doing?

I have no doubt that there are many people desperate to get back to daily shopping, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants and so on. And we have to remember that people need jobs to pay their bills so businesses do need to reopen. Children need to get back to school, life needs some semblance of normality.

But I urge you before the madness begins again to really, truly stop and take a pause. This has all happened for a reason. I feel that this is the world telling us all to just stop, calm down and be mindful of what is going on. For the first few weeks we probably did that. But now I have noticed more traffic on our roads, a little less love on social media and people are getting cross and irritiable.

Are you still doing the Joe Wicks workout every day and if you are do you actually enjoy it? Have you kept up with your morning meditation? Still juicing? Doing daily yoga sessions? Smashing those new online business targets?

If you did those things pre-lockdown then you probably are still doing them. If you started doing them because you thought you should then chances are the juicer is in the back of the cupboard and your trainers were swapped for slippers in week 3. And that is FINE! You don’t have to do stuff that doesn’t make you happy – especially not now! You don’t HAVE to start a new online business, write a novel or lose five stone – unless you want to.

I said right at the beginning of lockdown that this situation will bring out the very best in people and the very worst. And I think it has. It really has. I also think it has put some people under unnecessary pressure to be seen to be engaging in too many Zoom calls, be a home schooling champion, a master baker, and a fitness guru. We were all under enough pressure before all this and we don’t need any more now!

So what do we do now? Now we start to be honest with ourselves and make our plans. If you hated parts of your life before lockdown then why waste any more time or life doing something that makes you unhappy? I know it is not as easy as just making changes, these things do take time and lots of effort but we all have a chance now to kind of start again with new ideas, new priorities and fresh objectives and aims.

Think about what is really important now ….WINWhat’s Important Now?

What have you always wanted to do? What would you like to achieve? It is hard to put a time limit or deadline on anything right now but start writing down what your new normal ideal life would look like. Start from there and see what happens because all we can do now is make a start, even a small one.

If lockdown has thrown up all sorts of thoughts, worries, concerns and ideas and you feel that you want to make some changes that will give you a fulfilled and enriched life that you live on your terms, then I can help you do that.

My book The Life Edit is available in paperback and Kindle. Buy it here and start your Lockdown Life Edit this weekend.

Now is the time to start your Life Edit. We have had time to think, adjust and ponder so let’s start making some plans!

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