Uncertain and unsettled times need a plan to help us to stay calm

So much of what is going on at the moment is out of our control that it can be challenging to think too far ahead. There are many ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ and staying calm is getting harder. Uncertainty breeds anxiety, and as we have little idea about how soon life will return to normal it is tempting to put everything on hold and just completely stop.

I am all for pausing, taking stock and re-evaluating but with more people finding the situation anxious one thing that is definitely worth a try is to set some clear intentions for the rest of 2020, because this situation will end and we need a plan when we come out the other side.

Journalling is a great antidote to anxiety. It helps us to clear our minds of internal chatter and set some intentions about how we would like our lives to be. A pen and a notebook could be your biggest support system right now.

The pandemic situation is overwhelming and this can lead to feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and anxiety because we feel unable to do anything about what is going on. When we feel unable to make progress we tend to focus on negativity and unhelpful thoughts, ideas and opinions will become dominant. This is often because we want the situation to be over and we are searching for an answer to it all.

A daily routine that includes setting intentions will give us structure and a schedule to work towards and if we make sure we set intentions that are specific, simple to understand and meaningful to us then we have a good chance of turning them into actions and achievements.

Using journalling or writing as a way to make these meaningful and grounded and relevant to you and your life will really help.

Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Write down intentions that are specific and you have a greater chance of achieving them. Don’t be too broad or vague. If you really want to do something new then write down clearly what it is and how it will make you feel when you have done it. Add lots of details and descriptions so that your intention starts to come to life
  2. Make sure that whatever you intend to do really resonates with you. This has to be something that you WANT to do, not something that someone else thinks you should do.
  3. Your intentions should be achievable but also make them ambitious. Don’t be limited by challenges – instead challenge your limits and let your writing reflect that.
  4. Staying relevant and realistic is also important so write intentions that tap into your skills, expertise, interest and passions.
  5. Time is something we have plenty of just now but this situation will not last forever. You can put a time limited on your intentions if you wish but make this months not weeks away, to make sure that you stay buoyant and motivated to keep moving forward.

I hope this post has been helpful. You can find out more in my book The Life Edit, click here to order your copy.