Why journalling is about more than setting goals

My Life Edit journalling programme and book were created to help women to stop feeling invisible, acknowledge the contribution they can make and help them appreciate the good stuff they already have in their lives.

We start by letting go of anything that is holding them back and identify ideas for change and what they really want their lives to look like. Then we work together to find ways to inspire those exciting changes, focus on and deal with any fear that may be stopping them and edit anything that isn’t working properly. That’s how they then feel empowered to define and set goals and move ahead with integrity to a place of transformation. The whole process works because I used it myself to transform my own mindset and life. It is based on my story.

And all of this is done through powerful, regular journaling sessions. The process is all about change but before we even think about goals, journalling has lots of other benefits too.

Regular journalling has the power to:

  • Make us smarter by stretching our IQ
  • Evoke feelings of being present and mindful
  • Spark creativity
  • Improve our concentration and memory
  • Strengthen our communication skills
  • Make us more self aware
  • Enable us to control our emotions
  • Work out what is and isn’t working
  • Discover the strengths we have
  • Identify any challenges
  • Find opportunities for growth and change
  • Be aware of anything that could stop us moving forward
  • Define and set achievable goals

It is not necessary to write every day, but when you do write it is important to be as expressive as you can and really make your writing time count.

Find out more by booking a place on my Life Edit course, or by buying my book The Life Edit.