How daily journalling can save you time

Here we are at the beginning of a new year and a shiny new decade too-what will the 2020s have in store for you?

Here we are at the beginning of a new year and a shiny new decade too-what will the 2020s have in store for you?

Have you already made your plans for this year? Perhaps you started with great gusto on January 1 and are already finding it hard to stick to a new regime, or perhaps you are keen to start something new but don’t seem to have the time-is your diary already full for the foreseeable future?

Well if you are hitting the decks running because you THINK you should, I would urge you to STOP! There is no kudos at all to be gained from packing your diary with stuff to do that is meaningless, vacuous and will inevitably lead to some sort of catastrophic burn out by the end of February if not before.

You don’t HAVE to start another 28 day challenge, bootcamp, reset or anything else until YOU are ready.

I have written before about competitive busyness syndrome (CBS) and if you do one thing this year then please stop being busy because you think you should be. It doesn’t prove anything or make you more important or better than anyone else-it just makes you tired.

Nature has the right idea, and tends to curl up and go to sleep at this time of year, keen to reserve its energy for bursting into life in the spring. I know a deep mid winter hibernation routine isn’t a practical option for us (sadly) but I do think we should spend January nurturing, taking stock and generally looking after ourselves rather than setting punishing goals that we inevitably won’t achieve and will only serve to make us feel rubbish. January is bleak, cold, dark and depressing. The fun and festivities are over and sunshine and springtime are still some way off. However, I have a very reliable, simple and effective method for managing January and I hope you find this helpful too.

Instead of rushing headlong into a new diet/exercise regime and denying yourself things that actually provide some comfort at this time of year, invest in your wellbeing and health in a slightly different way. A daily writing practice can really help with this and will not only give you much needed clarity but could also free up some time so that you can try something new or simply have more time for yourself.

  1. Start a daily writing practice because although you are spending time doing this it will SAVE you time in the long run. For a week keep a note in your journal of how you really spend your time. Be honest! How much time do you spend mindlessly scrolling on social media? When you look back in seven days you will be amazed at how much time you waste and how ‘unbusy’ you really are. Use the time you save to do something that will really make you feel better in 2020.
  2. Take just ten minutes a day (of your new free time!) and write down how you are feeling, what plans you have for 2020 and any changes that you may need to make to help you get there. What declutterring do you need to do to make the changes you want to? What help will you need to get you there?
  3. Go for a walk every day-just a few minutes in the fresh air will make you feel much better. When you get back write in your journal about what you saw and how you feel when you are outside surrounded by nature.
  4. Write a letter to yourself as if you have already achieved all that you want to in 2020. Date the letter exactly one year from the day you write it and when you have finished put the letter in an envelope somewhere safe and make a note in you diary to open it in exactly one year. That is the blueprint for your year and will be a great motivator.
  5. Be grateful-and mean it. You probably already have all that you need in your life so appreciate it instead of filling it even more with stuff you really don’t need.

By documenting how you spend your time you will find more time to do things that you really want to or find time to just do nothing-there is no shame in resting especially in January. Follow nature’s lead and nurture yourself and your plans this month.

If you have found these ideas helpful you can read more in my new book The Life Edit available to buy now just click this link.

Happy 2020!

Sarah x

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