The season of change is here

I don’t know about you, but I have this almost uncontrollable urge to do something new.

It could be because it is a new season, or because I have a pretty empty house these days and my children don’t need my attention quite as much, but the fact remains I am getting strange urges to ‘make things.’

Until this point I have managed to just about arrange some flowers in a vase and bake bread-those are the extents of my ‘talent.’

Unlike other members of my very artistic family who have creativity positively surging through their veins (I am surrounded by photographers, film makers, artists, make up artists, musicians, dancers, actors and excellent cooks) I do not.

I can draw a flower, a heart, a house and at a push a star so where this sudden desire to get all arty has come from is anyone’s guess.

Despite having a sewing machine I can only really sew on a button so recovering a sofa or running up some curtains are not really very likely to happen.

Ceramics are on my radar and I did come over all inspired after snaffling some gorgeous pottery from a man in France a couple of weeks ago, but where to do all this stuff and what to buy and how to get started and will it all just be a fleeting interest that results in my office becoming a sub branch of Hobbycraft?

I flag this up as a potential issue because two years ago when we had a glut of apples I invested in a cider press, dozens of artisan bottles, a bottling kit and labels as I was going to make gallons of cider. The cider press is now a ‘feature’ and home to a trailing geranium…..

These recent desires to do new things coincide with me finishing my book (The Life Edit-coming to all good bookshops in December you heard it here first folks!) my two children leaving home, a new and very exciting business partnership with a lovely friend AND a promise to myself to do more exercise, eat better food and buy fewer clothes. I have also started running my weekly coaching workshops, and have created an online course (which is great and a total bargain at £21 plus VAT!)

So it’s not as though my life is a vacuous existence-I have plenty to do and my days are already pretty busy. I think September is just a real wake up call time of year when so many of us suddenly realise summer is drawing to a close, the glorious and bountiful days of autumn are upon us and the months are rapidly moving into double digits. It is a time of change.

If you are a mid lifer like me and are also having unnatural urges to take up knitting, join a kick boxing class or start a micro brewery in your shed then fear not-it’s totally normal. My advice would be to really think carefully before you invest in a cider press or any other artisanal craft equipment and to ask yourself why you want to do this and what has prompted it.

Are you trying to fill a void and make better use of available time, OR are you looking for a distraction? We are very good at convincing ourselves that we are very, very busy – far TOO busy to deal with any challenges or make any significant changes that will ultimately create a better life. However, if there is stuff in your way that you know is holding you back then autumn is a great time of year to start dealing with it.

Make a start by checking out my new online course here and make this autumn a time for exciting changes, new beginnings and the season where you finally give in to those desires to bake sourdough bread, take up water colour painting and whatever other creative itches you need to scratch.

But before you do anything new just make sure you are getting busy for all the right reasons. Ask yourself if this new found interest is really going to help you move forward or just be a distraction from some deeper problems. Get some real clarity about why you want to do this and what it will bring you before you just clutter your life up with yet more stuff to do rather than dealing with stuff that is holding you back.

Sarah x

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