How I am dealing with the journaling ‘haters’ out there…and six ways to start getting clarity NOW!

So…it would appear that I have a few critics out there who don’t think journaling is anything other than dull and pointless!

This should make me mad but actually it just makes me sad. I have also attracted a few ‘followers’ who like to tell me that my positive outlook is fake!



First up I don’t need to FAKE positivity! This is not because my life is perfect and occupied by unicorns, rainbows and candy floss-it is because I turn any challenges into solutions pretty damn quickly. Stuff happens to all of us-I just have a bullet proof way of dealing with it and getting a good outcome-funnily enough I use DAILY JOURNALING!

Secondly-I get quite a bit of flack (oh thank you so much social media!) for talking about journaling – recently someone described it as boring and ‘just all that gratitude crap’ so to that person I say this….why not try it just for a couple of days and see if it helps you deal with your negative attitude (maybe swap it for a bit of gratitude?)

There are loads of ways that we can use a daily writing habit to help us, and even more things that we can write about every day-but getting started needs to be simple, quick and effective. That way we are guaranteed to see changes FAST!

If you have been thinking about starting a daily writing habit but have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and don’t really know where or how to start then I sympathise! A blank page or a new notebook can be exciting for some of us but totally overwhelming for everyone else-I mean WHERE do you start?!

Well you start with YOU! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Morning pages-a very well known and well used writing exercise is to write freely for a few minutes in the morning. This helps you clear any blocks and gives you a great start to the day.
  2. Write a personal mission statement. What do you want to do next and why?
  3. Your evening review. Sum up your day by writing. Reflect on the day’s events and how you handled situations.
  4. Your curiosity. Each day write about one thing that you are curious about. What do you want to know and why?
  5. Your greatest achievement of the week. Show off a little!
  6. What can you do today to set yourself up for tomorrow? Write down your ideas.

Feel inspired or bored?!!!

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Mwah x