Top 5 reasons… how and why daily journaling can help you

Adopting a new habit of any sort is exciting to start with but enthusiasm can easily start to tail off quite quickly if we are not careful. But as with everything in life if we don’t make a plan to make change then nothing will actually get any better!

If you have been reading a lot about journaling and how it can help you, but you haven’t yet got around to actioning anything, then read my top 5 reasons how and why journaling can have a positive impact and see if that spurs you into action!

  1. Using pen and paper rather than a screen and a keyboard has been proven to improve our memory, encourage deeper thinking, more effective reflection and keeps us focussed and not distracted.
  2. Developing a consistent habit means that you send a trigger to your brain that it is time to write. It is then much easier to incorporate a daily writing session into your daily routine.
  3. Resist the temptation to rush. Journaling will actually save you time and clear your mind so take it slowly and make the most of your writing time.
  4. Don’t sweat about perfection-your writing does not need to be a work of literary genius to be effective. Just write. Don’t edit.
  5. Commitment is key-commit to a daily writing routine even just ten minutes a day is a good start-within 21 days you will start to see real results.

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Sarah x