Five really important questions that you must ask yourself

This season is great for making plans and working towards new ideas that can really have a massive impact on our lives, and while most people start their year in January, I start mine in September.

I journal every day and write about challenges, how to overcome them, what I am grateful for and what I really want to achieve next. I use positive and proactive words and always make sure that whatever it is I am trying to achieve can be done.

I have just carried out a yearly review of everything that I was planning to achieve this time last year and my journal has proved to be a very good reminder of everything that has happened so far. My big goal was to finish writing my Life Edit book and get a publisher and now I have! The book will be out at the end of the year-cover designs coming soon so watch this space!

There are other things that I am still striving for but I know they are coming because I have a plan, clarity and have made sure that I am taking inspired actions every day to work towards them by using my daily journaling routine.

When I am looking back over my year and planning my next steps I always ask myself five really important questions.

If you have been thinking about making some changes and feel that you would like September to be the start of your ‘new year’, then read my five top questions to ask yourself as a great way to get started.

1.What has worked well for me in the last 12 months? 

Really think about this in detail-what successes and wins have you really experienced. Go back through your diary or calendar and I guarantee you will be surprised at how many positive outcomes there have been.

2.What do I want to experience in life?

You are in your prime! Our midlife can be our best life so explore what you want to experience next.

3.How do I want to grow?

Think about you! What do you want to see, learn or do?

4.Would I be happy if my life was the same in 12 months time?

Take time to examine your life as it is now. Just because we get used to something, or living our life in a certain way doesn’t mean we have to keep on doing it.

5.What needs to change?

So, this is the big one really. What actually needs to change to help you make a midlife transformation?

These are questions that we should all ask ourselves regularly and take time to formulate answers and ways that we can support what we want to do next. They can form the basis of our new life plan that gives us the opportunity to craft all the details about what we will do and how we will accomplish it. What we want to be, to do and to have in our lives. 

By taking time to be peaceful, calm and in the moment our creativity is ignited, and we have the opportunity to visualise positive outcomes. 

Spend time writing in your journal about what you want to be, to do and to have as well as what you want to give and create in your life. What differences will these things bring to your life when you achieve them. Start writing in the present tense as if you are already living your best and most ideal life and see how different it makes you feel. If you are ready for a makeover, or want to change jobs, upgrade your house, plant a new garden, get fitter or start a new hobby then write this down and add in lots of detail about whatever it is you want to achieve.

Make September the start of your NEW year and share your goals with me by getting in touch here

Sarah x