Why you should write everyday

For many of us, the thought of starting a new routine or habit and trying to find time to squeeze it in to our already very full schedules can be more than a bit overwhelming. We want to do it, we know it makes sense, we know it will improve our life but there is simply NO TIME!

I know exactly how that feels!

If you are a multiple plate spinner and have many demands on your time already, then finding time to do something else could just be one thing too far-even for the most experienced circus performers!

We have great intentions but actioning them can be very challenging!

For many years I was that plate spinner-and it all worked out really well for a while-right up until the point when every single plate not only stopped spinning but fell and crashed to the floor-surrounding me with broken bits of my life everywhere I looked!

Of course many of those plates I was spinning were not even piled high with anything that was really enriching my life. Most of them were piled with stuff I thought I should be doing, rather than the things that were really important.

I knew that I not only had to clear up the mess I had made, but also I had to find a better way to manage my life otherwise I would never make any progress. It was a case of “Even though I don’t have time… if I take action what will happen? If I don’t take action what will happen?”

I knew I had to do SOMETHING!

And so I started small-really small because I knew what overwhelm was like and I didn’t want to go back there (and after all we only have so many plates in our cupboards to spin don’t we!)

So every day I started to write-usually lists at first and then as I found myself more in control and more able to think clearly, I started to plan and set some goals and even find ways to work towards them-all by writing stuff down.

And this only took about ten minutes a day.

I found a way to make sure I could write every day, I figured out where to do it, why it would make my life easier and how to get the very best out of my writing time. As I saw progress and change I found more time to write, but just those ten minutes a day that I started with were really valuable and life changing minutes.

I seriously had no idea where to start when my life was challenging so if you are a fellow plate spinner you have my complete understanding!

The way I moved forward was pretty simple, but if someone had told me how to do it all those years ago I know I would have saved a lot of time!

So-I think it’s only fair that I share what I have learned with you. I have a great FREE e-book that gives you all the info you need to get started on a daily writing routine and you can get it here

I hope gives you a quick start way to start making some changes FAST. Let me know how you get on by jumping in to my FaceBook group THE LIFE EDIT.

Catch up soon!

Sarah x

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