Three ways that daily writing can help you to make plans

I know how busy life can be….you want to make plans, you NEED to make changes and yet the whole goal setting, inspiration board, planning thing is just tiresome and seems to take forever!

You want to take action NOW and get results FAST!

Well I know that I DO! And the reality is that if you want to make changes and have made the decision to do that then the last thing you need is a six month long coaching programme stretching out ahead of you that may promise great things but will just take too darn long!

So here are my three top ways to use daily writing to actually power the process of change and help you see results fast-and I promise….these top ways only take a few minutes to master!

  1. Lists! Write a list really quickly of 5 things that you would like to do or change in the next 21 days.
  2. For each of those 5 things write down three things that you know you will need to change or sort out to help you move closer towards the goals.
  3. Now write down just TWO things that you can do RIGHT NOW to really start the ball rolling.

See-I told you! Really quick and a really effective way to get things started!

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