What’s YOUR passion?

My passion, energy and belief PLUS my own personal experiences created my LIFE EDIT coaching package. I used it myself to make changes, since then nearly a thousand people have done the same. It works. End of.

Using daily writing combined with coaching creates impressive results as you can see here.

I was driven to come up with a solution to a very challenging situation that I was dealing with and I knew I needed to change things fast. The only job I have ever really had has been as a journalist-writing pretty much every day for the last 30 years has been a massive part of my life.

It’s also my greatest passion. I believe in it not just as communication tool but as a catalyst for change. So when I needed to sort stuff out, see the wood for the trees and move forward quickly it was writing that I called on to do that and it did work-pretty fast!

From an early age I knew that if I wrote things down I would not only be able to deal with them better, but that I would also be able to plan and make changes. I used my passion for writing to make damn sure I got a job as a journalist and since then I have used it time and time again to clear clutter, make plans for change and achieve some pretty incredible things.

And that has all come about though my own passion, energy, self-belief and experiences.

So my question today to you is this: What’s YOUR passion?

What drives you forward every day? What makes you leap out of bed with energy and excitement in anticipation of a fantastic day ahead?

How do you use YOUR passion to make exciting changes to your life? What does your passion and energy make you want to do?

Maybe you do have a passion for something that you would like to use in a different way but you haven’t quite got there yet?

Spend some time today mapping out a plan for how your passion, belief, energy and experiences can make significant and brilliant changes to your life and fuel your positivity.

If you get a bit stuck just get in touch here and I will give you some tips and ideas for how you can get started. I will also tell you how you can join my Facebook Group to get regular updates, ideas and free tips and coaching support to help you make changes.

Sarah x

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