Three things you can do today to let go of self limiting beliefs

Letting go of self limiting beliefs that can really sabotage any chance of success can be very hard-BUT it doesn’t HAVE to be. In this post I will show you three quick ways to start shifting your mind set today-all you need is a pen and a journal.

One of the biggest threats to any chance of change or success is often ourselves-we may like to blame other people or outside influences but the reality is that if we don’t really believe we are capable of making changes then we won’t!

Self limiting beliefs are simply that-beliefs and we can choose to believe them or we can choose to ignore them and delete them from our lives. However-it’s not always that easy and I should know because for years they held me back and stopped me living the life that I wanted to live.

I CHOSE to believe what people told me about how my life could and should be-a particular classic was when after the start of yet another healthy eating campaign to try and get slimmer my then husband (NOT my current one I should add!) announced to me and my entire family that it didn’t matter what diet I went on I would never stick to it because I was weak willed and that even if I did , by some miracle, lose any weight it would be a waste of time because I was no ‘stunner’ and what difference would it actually make!

The same former husband left me a few years later and his parting shot was telling me I needed to get a job but that I should probably do something pretty menial like stacking shelves or cleaning because there was no way I would be able to pick back up on my journalism career. By this stage I had started to work on these beliefs that he had put in my head and two weeks later I got a job-as a journalist. Had I believed what he said things could have been so different!

So…don’t be limited by what people have told you-you don’t HAVE to believe it all. Here are three quick ways to start changing your mindset about what you believe you can and can’t do.

  1. In your journal write down one thing that someone has told you you will NEVER be able to achieve or something that you THINK you will never be able to do. Why can’t you do this? What is really stopping you?
  2. Now write the exact opposite and instead of writing how you can’t do it write the reverse and describe how bloody brilliant you are at it!
  3. Now create a vision for how your life will be WHEN you identify the ONE thing that is currently holding you back from achieving one of your goals-this could be anything from self belief to time, money, resources, opportunities..anything at all that has stopped you so far.

As well as writing the answers to these questions in your journal please post them in our Facebook group-The LIFE EDIT-and email them to me using our contact form here

I can’t wait to find out what’s holding you back and help you to move forward with UNLIMITED self belief!

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