Phew…what a scorcher!

So how are you all coping with the heat? It’s great if you don’t actually have to do very much isn’t it? But if like lots of people you are now facing six weeks (or even longer) of juggling children, work and summer holidays with not much time for any kind of proper relaxation, then for YOU soaring temperatures probably do not mean sipping ice cool cocktails by an infinity pool. In fact they are more likely to lead to you becoming frazzled, irritated and frustrated!

I know what it’s like because I have been there! For years I raced along the endless hamster wheel of very early mornings, stressful school runs (or stressful childcare situations in the holidays!) cramming a full time job into part time hours because I desperately needed the money, and then managing a home, finances, and trying to squeeze in a social life at the same time-yep being any kind of parent is tricky if you are working, but if you are a single parent like I was then it it’s even more challenging.

I was permanently exhausted, rushing, planning, organising and on the surface appeared to be doing so well-lipstick on, hair washed and a big smile! I genuinely thought that would see me through-keeping calm and carrying on became my management strategy-but inside I was anything but calm!

If I am honest I didn’t cope very well at all. I thought I was doing OK but the reality was that I was JUST ABOUT managing things and gradually everything started to slide-and pretty fast too. Financially stressed and with very challenging childcare situations in a very stressful job as a journalist, eventually everything started to fall in around me and it all started during the summer holidays when I realised I just couldn’t carry on living like I was.

Then I was not very well. And then the economic downturn started. And then overnight everything started to really fall apart.

It may have been the summer holidays but life was certainly not one long vacation for me-infact it started to feel more like a prison sentence. I was six weeks away from losing my house and had no work at all so no money coming in.

It was ironically while I WAS actually sitting by a pool that my life started to change for the better. But it was our local very cheap outdoor swimming pool where I had taken the children for a splash to cool off.

I had been asked to review a self help book and I was actually going to be paid to do this so I thought I had better do it as I literally had no other work at all. I started reading it and making notes and making more notes and over the next few days I started writing-but instead of just writing a review or writing up an interview as I normally would for work, this time I started writing about how I was feeling and what I wanted to change, what I wanted my life to look like in the future and how I was going to make those changes. I started to use positive words, dynamic phrases and I made lists, mind maps and plans for how I desired my life to look like.


Within hours I felt better and within days I felt back in control. A couple of months later I had tackled all of my challenges head on and had a plan for the future. It wasn’t all plain sailing and I did have to make tweaks and be very honest with myself about the reality of my situation and IT WASN’T ALWAYS EASY! However-it did work.

I created my own solution to my dilemma and set myself a target to work towards some initial goals in six weeks-and I did it! Within six weeks I had sorted so much out and without my plan I know I never would have done it. In fact I dread to think what might have happened!

This is a 100 % TRUE STORY! and it’s the reason that I trained to become a personal development practitioner.

My life was in a downward spiral and I created a system to change things-FAST!

So if you are dreading the summer holidays because you are an exhausted working parent, or if you are worried about money or life just seems to be closing in on you from every angle and you really don’t know where to start then I totally GET IT!

So what are you going to do about it? Change is scary and when you have already reached overwhelm in one or more areas of your life it is SO HARD to know what to do first. But of course you know that if you don’t do anything about it-NOTHING WILL CHANGE! This is something I had to overcome quickly because otherwise I would never have got through my challenges.


Because it is the holiday season I am running a series of free taster workshops and 1-1 sessions to give people just like you the chance to find out if some coaching could really help get you back on track.

I know it works but don’t take my word for it…look what one of my fabulous clients has to say:

“If I could package up the LIFE EDIT and give it as a gift to everyone I care about, I absolutely would as it’s changed my life beyond belief. It’s an absolute diamond of a course in a sea of well-meaning but often inauthentic inspo coaching. It’s easy to understand, follow and implement and made all the more powerful because Sarah has done all the hard work herself to be able to be such a source of hope. For years I’ve battled anxiety brought on by some challenging life events. I’d crucially lost hope and was stuck in a negative thought cycle of being helpless and that nothing would ever change. Following the LIFE EDIT has genuinely given me back the reins. Just a small investment in myself each day has yielded results I get a bit emotional thinking about- I’m focused, I’m driven, and most special of all is that this course has freed up my time to help others. I appreciate I sound evangelical and could be writing the blurb for an infomercial- but please know this: this course is AMAZING! If you spend your days thinking you wish you had more hours to get all the positive stuff done, PLEASE sign up. It changes lives because the clever lady at the helm is a caring genius. What’s not to like?!”

Marianne-mother of three. Cancer survivor. Total legend. Future Prime Minister.

You can read more testimonials here

So…this summer whatever life stage you are at, whatever you are dealing with think about how YOU really want your life to be…and get in touch to book in for either a free workshop place or a free 1-1 session. BUT to make sure I can really give 100 % to everyone places will be really limited-small groups work best for this kind of work so contact me as soon as you can to book in.

Get in touch here….

I don’t want anyone to ever feel like I did all those summers ago-there is another way and you can change your life but YOU need to take that first step towards success.

Really looking forward to hearing from you

Sarah x