Month: July 2019

Three ways that daily writing can help you to make plans

I know how busy life can be….you want to make plans, you NEED to make changes and yet the whole goal setting, inspiration board, planning thing is just tiresome and seems to take forever! You want to take action NOW and get results FAST! Well I know that I DO! And the reality is that ...

Three things you can do today to let go of self limiting beliefs

Three things you can do today to let go of self limiting beliefs

What’s YOUR passion?

My passion, energy and belief PLUS my own personal experiences created my LIFE EDIT coaching package. I used it myself to make changes, since then nearly a thousand people have done the same. It works. End of.

Phew…what a scorcher!

So how are you all coping with the heat? It’s great if you don’t actually have to do very much isn’t it? But if like lots of people you are now facing six weeks (or even longer) of juggling children, work and summer holidays with not much time for any kind of proper relaxation, then ...

Have you hit a mid-life funk?

I TOTALLY get it! Empty nester? join the club! Not sure what to do next? yep me too! Are you worried about mid -life? Feeling a bit invisible? Not sure what to do about it but you feel frustrated and stuck? I have been there too and so have lots of the people I work ...