Improve YOUR life AND help others too

Many of you reading this may not know this, but lots of my coaching work takes place in hard to reach communities helping vulnerable people manage everything from addiction to mental health challenges, surviving domestic abuse, leaving prison, improving their self confidence, self esteem and tackling learning challenges.

Until recently, this valuable and rewarding work which takes place in groups and one to one sessions, has been made possible through very generous funding from various partners. These grants cover the cost of things like room hire, resources and tuition. The groups meet in community centres, children and family centres, and support units.

The people who I have the privilege to coach are among the most vulnerable in society, and time and time again I see amazing transformations taking place and HUGE changes in mindset, behaviour and confidence and self esteem. People embrace the whole concept of daily journaling and life coaching and make remarkable and courageous changes such as returning to education, work or becoming a volunteer. Some re-train, some re-think their entire lives and most never return to their previous lifestyles, preferring to move on towards a happier and more fulfilled life with purpose.

These fantastic, inspiring people would never usually be able to access this kind of support which is why the grant funding is so vital. Lots of funding has now stopped but I have groups and people who really could benefit from this type of help.

You can help!

I have just launched a new six week training package-the minimum suggested cost is only £197. I have made a pledge that for every 5 courses I sell at £197, I can pay it forward and cover the cost for one person in a community to receive a free six week course. This means that for every single person who buys a course from me, approximately £20 will be donated towards running a community-based course.

Thank you so much for supporting this initiative. If you would like to know more about the kind of work I do in communities then please get in touch-I LOVE telling people all about it!

The work I do with community groups is so important and entirely rewarding. I really want to be able to continue to do this work and I hope that with your help, I can.

To sign up for my new six week course and change YOUR life as well as someone else’s please email me or fill in our contact form here

The suggested cost for the course is only £197. If you would like to and are able to pay more, then even more community coaching work can take place.