Coaching for entrepreneurs

I love a good story and I have a good theory!

We ALL have TWO stories in our lives. We have the story we tell OURSELVES and our ACTUAL story. Sometimes our actual, real story gets lost among the stuff that we tell ourselves and convince ourselves of every day.

Stuff like “My business isn’t really as good as that one” or “I don’t have an interesting back story, I just do my job.” Or the classic “nobody would be interested in my story anyway.”


We ALL have a unique and interesting story to tell but when you are so focussed on your business it’s very easy to forget that. But if you don’t pay attention to your story then you are REALLY missing out on some great opportunities.

Perhaps you KNOW you have a great story to tell but you just don’t know where to start? Perhaps you THINK the media is a SCARY place and that everyone else’s stories are more interesting than yours? Perhaps you work alone and need extra support to get YOUR STORY out there?

What’s YOUR Story? is a coaching package that unravels the stories behind businesses and enterprises so that business owners and entrepreneurs can use the information to attract new customers and raise their profile. It is a four week programme designed to inspire businesses to shout about what they do and celebrate their achievements.

The package includes help with creating content for websites, blogs and social media, as well as Interview Confidence coaching sessions to make sure business owners can take advantage of any media opportunities that come their way, and that you have finely tuned communication skills and the perfect amount of self confidence to tell everyone YOUR unique story.

Over four sessions working together we will unravel and write your personal and business stories for you. This is how we can help you:

Session 1: We will have an initial meeting or phone call and then schedule in a time for us to interview you-you will have a bit of home work to do ready for the interview!

Session 2: The interview! We find out all about you and your business and the REAL story!

Session 3: Following the interview we will send you a draft document of YOUR STORY and provide you with coaching so that you can fill in the gaps and fine tune it until you are 100 % happy.

Session 4: You will have your media coaching session. We will discuss YOUR STORY in detail, look at potential publications that you could approach and have an INTERVIEW CONFIDENCE coaching session to make sure you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way!

For more information about this unique opportunity and to book a place on the course email our creative partners