The Power of The Pen

Writing lists and keeping journals have never been such popular tools for supporting self-improvement programmes, and there are now many different styles of personal development journals and notebooks available-all designed to help us to road map the next stages of our lives while drawing on our creativity.

However, the Write Your Life method is about far more than just buying a shiny new notebook and making a few random notes every now and then! This is about adopting a new habit that becomes part of your life AND changes your life almost immediately. And it is based on research that proves writing by hand with a pen on paper is a powerful and effective tool for lasting, positive change.

But the question is-how exactly can writing, and the creative process really shift our belief systems to the extent that our confidence improves and our lives become fulfilling and purposeful?

How can writing down our daily thoughts, dreams and aspirations really help us to manifest changes in our lives?

How is writing a tool for change and a way to give us clarity around the contribution that we want to make?

Why does it work and why is it so effective?

Surely this is just all writing and doodling? If anything, creativity and indulging in creative processes could be seen as an ideal distraction designed to throw us off course, mask any challenges we are facing and stop us from editing, clearing and moving forward-in other words nothing more that creative procrastination.

However, once we start to align writing and creativity with creative and positive visualisation techniques that are so relied upon by wildly successful sports people, business people and public speakers-to name a few-the benefits of it can be clearly seen.

The fact is that within the life coaching and personal development process, a lot of writing, recording, research and planning is done in journals and notebooks making it an ideal activity to call upon for editing self-limiting thoughts and beliefs and for goal setting. We are writing, editing, curating and creating our lives one sentence at a time.

Even by writing lists we set an intention, a desire and a reminder that we want or need to do something that is important enough to be added to that list. Completing tasks gives us a great feeling of satisfaction and a renewed positive outlook as we work towards our next goal or task. Daily writing can help you achieve whatever it is you really want to do-maybe you have big business or career goal in mind, or plans to make improvements in other areas of your life such as health and wellbeing? Perhaps you want to write a book, travel the world or have financial freedom. Whatever your next move, I guarantee that a daily writing practice will help you.

This is what one of my clients said just last week…

“I have realised my dream”

This coaching course has helped me to realise my dream and make initial steps to start planning again. I now have the courage to believe in myself and stand up for what I want from life. By writing every day I have really got my confidence back.”


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S x