Ready to Write?

Starting something new is always fuelled with that initial excitement. I know when I started this blog all those years ago, I was so excited I couldn’t think about anything else. I am writing a book at the moment and this will be on the shelves by the end of the year so I am excited and enthusiastic about that too!

Excitement is great don’t get me wrong! BUT having made many mistakes myself over the years through losing momentum for a new project, the crucial thing to consider is preparation and organisation.

Anyone who knows me well knows I am NOT a process person! However, if I had no processes in place and if I was not organised, I would have no business-it’s as simple as that!

For any new project to work and bring you the maximum benefits, it is important to spend some time preparing yourself mentally and physically and emotionally before you start.

For me having a peaceful, calm and uncluttered creative clearing that I can use every day as I write both in my journal and as I add chapters to my book, is crucial.

So what are you planing to start in the next few days and if you have got plans how can you be sure you are in the right place to execute them well?

Perhaps you are thinking of using daily journaling as part of your personal development? This is a habit that you can adopt immediately and something that can really start to help you straight away but a bit of preparation will really make all the difference.

In an ideal world you need a space that can be easily kept clear of clutter, has good natural light, is airy and spacious and peaceful and quiet. Of course, I readily acknowledge that we are not all lucky enough to have a Shepherds Hut at the bottom of the garden or a bespoke romany caravan parked in an orchard where we can squirrel ourselves way and let our creative juices flow without risk of any interruptions! However, for this process to be truly effective, a creative clearing or space is vital.

Maybe you can clear a corner of your favourite room in your home. All you need is a table and a comfortable chair so that you have somewhere to sit and rest your journal. Add a vase of fresh flowers or a plant in a pot if you don’t have a window and if it is a little gloomy then add some LED lights or a candle or two to cast a relaxing glow. A spare or unused bedroom can easily be converted into a creative space-and clearing anything whether it is physical ‘stuff’ or emotional stuff is a critical first step in moving forward. Perhaps clearing an area of your home will be your very first step on this personal development journey. I urge you to take time to do this as you will find a daily writing challenge very difficult without a clear space to do work in. If your own home really isn’t an option because it is ALL in need of major de-cluttering then I recommend you deal with this first. I am not a professional de-clutterer but there are plenty of people out there who can help you with what can be a very emotional process and I suggest you enlist some help to do this.

Perhaps your life is in a bit of a state of flux at the moment and you are living in shared or temporary accommodation where peace and quiet are simply never going to happen. In that case make use of local coffee shops, libraries, parks (on a nice day obviously!) and other community spaces. Use earbuds to block out irrelevant noise and listen to calming music as you write.

The key to all this is to not let anything STOP you from doing this. Yes, there may be challenges especially around finding a physical space, but you must make every effort to find one.

This process will not work if you give in to difficulties and challenges-embrace them and find a solution, and do not put off this part of the process.

Preparation for anything new is key to making the most of it and getting the maximum benefits. For more help, tips and hacks try our FREE course.

S x