21 days to make a difference

It takes 21 days to create a new habit-that’s just over 500 hours. I think it is remarkable that within just three weeks we all have the power to make a significant change to our lives. I have just done this myself so I know the 21 day method is a good one!

For years I have battled with my weight-although I appear confident on the outside, I have never felt really confident about how I look and over the years I have tried ALL the different diets out there! Yes some of them worked for some of the time but then I would soon regress to old habits that were not really serving me well and before I knew it I was back to square one.

I won’t bore you with all the details (promise!) but in a nutshell about five years ago I was well on the way to feeling pretty good and then I had an accident and couldn’t walk properly for a very long time-in fact I still hobble about now! Although I didn’t eat any more than I would have normally, I didn’t have a calorie deficit either so consequently the weight piled on because I really couldn’t move as quickly as I had been able to.

I got fed up with being in pain, got depressed, put on more weight and then had a medical procedure to try and sort things out which it did. Unfortunately the (temporary ) miracle cure came with a side order of a very rude consultant who told me I was fat, lazy, ate too much and lied about how much I was actually consuming. He told me that ‘people like you’ will always have joint problems. He had to be reminded that I was there because of an accident-I had no joint problems at all before.

He made me feel disgusting.

So once I had stopped sobbing I dieted again and failed and so it went on until March this year when a fantastic friend introduced me to a new lifestyle and the rest is history. I still have weight to lose but I have dropped a dress size and feel much better already.

So why am I telling you all this? Well first because I am a regular human being with insecurities and imperfections, but also to demonstrate that we can ALL make changes whatever stage we are at in our lives.

It took about 21 days for me to start seeing a difference and for this new lifestyle to become my normal life. I have actually changed my mindset around food, eating, wellbeing and exercise and I use my daily journaling time to focus on me and my health as well as focussing on work and business which is what I have used it mostly for in the past.

It’s ironic that I spend my days encouraging other people to make exciting changes that will give them the happiness and abundance they deserve and yet I couldn’t do it for myself! I have successfully changed other very challenging areas of my life and come back from the brink of bankruptcy to run a successful coaching business, and yet I still couldn’t fathom how to improve my wellbeing which is so crucial to success in other areas of our lives.

The point I am making is this-anything really is possible, we can all make changes but we have to change our mindset and focus on what we do have other than what we don’t. We have to feel we are worth it and value ourselves enough to make those changes.

The big takeaway for me from all this is that yes I am worth it but I have also now engaged with a health and wellbeing coach, a business mentor AND a publishing agent. Yes-I need coaching and support too!

My team of champions is now helping me to be the best version of myself AND the ripple effect is already noticeable-everyone is benefiting from my mindset shift-my family, my husband, friends and all my students and clients across the world.

I made this mindset shift and you can too-21 days that’s all it takes to adopt a new habit.

Commit to writing each day for the next 21 days.

Why don’t you try a daily writing practice for the next 21 days?

Creative processes have been proven to be very valuable and effective at helping us to reach our goals and make big changes-wherever we are in our lives and whatever we are facing.

In his book ‘Opening Up By Writing It Down,’ James Pennebaker-the originator of expressive writing- looks at how writing in this way improves health and eases emotional pain. He says that writing can clear the mind, help with problem solving and enable us to take on new information.

Writing plans down on paper helps to keep us motivated and creates a definite plan to stick to. You will achieve greater success if you start using your journal now to help you plan your goal setting and record your thoughts, feelings and any obstacles that may come along.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Adopt a new habit of writing your goals down, daily planning and keeping a journal every day
  • Adopt a new habit of writing down all you are grateful for-every morning and evening.
  • Adopt a habit of daily goal setting
  • Learn how to edit your life successfully to make room for positive growth and change

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S x