Checking in or checking out?

WE are now officially at the end of the first quarter of 2019-so how’s it been for you? Are you still on track with your daily writing practice and plans to make changes this year, or are you at the point where you have stopped checking in with yourself because you are thinking of checking out and giving up on your goals?

Well before you rush to revert to old habits and routines and decide to give up on your plans for 2010 just hold on there! The world remains in a weird place (well mine does anyway!) and despite my best efforts even I have had a few doubts and niggles about things over the last few weeks.

It’s perfectly human and totally normal to question and query your progress but the MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is NOT to let those annoying self-doubts creep in too far and sabotage all you achieved to this point because I guarantee you will have made progress.

Life gets busy and it does have an annoying habit of jumping up and biting us on the arse just when think we are truly making headway! The secret is to not let anything derail or distract you and to keep on moving forward. easy to say and hard to do-I KNOW this only TOO well!

So, for any of you who have hit a progress plateau, come up against a distraction or are simply starting to question your plans and ideas I want to reassure you that you are NOT alone. In fact I said to my husband only last night that the latest project I am working on will probably not be successful because I don’t ‘look the part’!


I was simply doing that very brilliant thing of looking for reasons why my latest project won’t work and immediately deciding it’s just not ‘for me’. Of course it will be successful-everything else has worked out pretty well, I was just having a ‘moment’!

So how do we get back on track, rediscover our sass and kick that negative self belief into touch?


Spend some time today and over the long weekend doing a bit of a reassessment of where you are now and where you thought you might be, by writing in your journal. Write how you feel right now, what you think needs to shift or change and what you goals are. Then spend time looking at each goal and writing down what two steps you can take in the next week or so to move you a bit closer to it.

Really drill down and describe in detail how you feel a specific thing in your life might be holding you back and then write your solution for change. Write lists of actions you can start to take and how you want your life to become. Write a list of anything you CAN actively change and anything that you CAN’T change and then focus on anything that you can change or improve.

Writing things down with a pen in a notebook always gives us much-needed clarity as well as a massive reality check! You will set your intentions far better using pen and paper than if you use a screen and a keyboard so give it a go and I guarantee you will start to feel better because I know I did!

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Have a very happy and relaxing Easter break-and spend time writing…you KNOW it makes sense!

Sarah x