To write or not to write…THAT is the question!

Indecisiveness…it’s a tricky one. It’s not procrastination, its not laziness or stubborness. It is simply an inability to make a decision and it can happen for a number of reasons.

We might be motivated to make change but unclear about what steps to take next. We might fear stepping into the unknown and that could be affecting our ability to make clear decisions.

Maybe we have found ourselves almost avoiding making a decision because we just can’t decide if we are doing the right thing. Information overload can also easily bring us to a standstill. Not being able to filter out relevant information from the internal chatter can kill our progress and make it appear that we are unable to make a decision-the reality is that we probably simply need to sift through the information and edit it so that we only have what we NEED to help us move forward.

Reaching a point of overwhelm can scupper even the best laid plans and lead to us losing valuable time and our focus, but there are simple and quick ways to get back on track and give you the self-belief you need to make those all important potentially life changing decisions.

First ask yourself what is really important to you right NOW? Write down everything in your life that really matters to you and how you feel about it all. Are you happy with the ways things are or do you need to make some changes? Who can you ask to help you? Sometimes a new perspective, option or outlook can really help to kick indecisiveness into touch.

Do you need extra information, resources or support from someone or somewhere to help you move forward? Sometimes being unable to make a decision comes down to lack of knowledge or information as much as lack of self belief or fear.

Write an action list of anything that could possibly help you to make that decision. Break it all down into short, snappy sentences or phrases that inspire and promote action. Use Post-It notes to write down actions, words or phrases that will support you in your decision making.

And make a plan-schedule in anything that you need to take action on and specifically aim to get two steps (or more) closer to your goal each week. Really think about inspired actions you can take to get closer to making those changes and you will soon have written away any hint of indecisiveness!

Finally, spend time writing down the answers to these questions:

What will happen if I DON’T make a decision?

What will happen if I DO make a decision?

Writing with focus, care and attention will give you clarity, a framework for the future and the chance to pause, reflect and breathe. Start using a daily writing practice every day and see how much better you feel and how much more productive you are after just a few days.

Sarah x