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Anyone who follows this blog or has been through my coaching programme or heard me speak at events or even been in an actual classroom or workshop with me, will know that I really believe (and can prove!) that you can use daily journaling and writing to deal with a whole raft of situations and challenges — it’s simply a case of  embracing the process and making your daily writing practice something that becomes part of your routine and something that you think of as a positive investment in your future.

The WYL series of writing exercises and challenges that I have created were designed to fit into a daily schedule and bring pretty much instant relief and clarity and the results are pretty good so far!

Competitive busyness is one life area that I think writing can help with. I have a long-held theory about busyness (you can read another one of my posts about that here) and remain convinced that working smarter not harder is the way to true happiness-well it is for me anyway! 

In actual fact I was out for Saturday night dinner a few weeks ago with a group of friends and one arrived late (very late) citing work as a reason—this is not unusual, she is one of those people who always works harder and longer hours than the rest of us—she also left early because she had to work on the Sunday morning.

This particular friend is always ‘fried’ always rushing and always spinning plates—yet she doesn’t seem to get any further forward. She always looks exhausted and stressed and yet she has worked for herself for years as an interior designer and I would have thought that by now she would be pretty well set up.

So, my theory is this—this friend and countless other women I know and have known over the years seem to use tiredness and busyness as badges of honour. There is no doubt that some people have no choice but to work punishingly long hours and there is no getting away from that, but many create the busyness and the exhaustion to give the impression that they are hugely successful, but the reality is quite the opposite.

Usually they are swimming upstream just trying to keep their heads above water and worrying FAR too much about what everyone else is doing. And it’s mostly unnecessary.

It’s time for all this nonsense to stop! It makes me sad that brilliant women are wearing themselves out, and when they come to me for coaching it is all too apparent that their endless addiction to being manic is not serving them well at all. So many say that they feel they have to compete—really?!

And this is where journaling can really help and become a powerful tool for change. Being busy can become competitive and addictive and it is very easy to use it as a very effective tool for procrastination, avoidance and denial.

A good way forward is to pause and take a look at what is really going on and we can do this by journaling our thoughts. By revisiting our values and what is really important to us now we can reframe what is going on right now and refocus ourselves on what we need to do next, and I mean what we NEED to do not what we THINK we need to do. 

By writing down what we would like our desirable outcome to be and focusing more on the end result we soon realise that most of what we are rushing around doing and filling our days up with is just superfluous stuff, and nothing more than an avoidance tactic. By stripping this away, we can make actual progress and quickly too.

Usually a lot of what we perceive as vital daily activities isn’t that vital at all—we have just convinced ourselves that we must be seen to be doing it—whatever IT is.

Being endlessly busy doesn’t necessarily equate to increased productivity levels, more success, popularity or wealth in fact-it just makes us tired and less motivated.

By taking time every day to write in our journals we can nip this kind of thing in the bud by giving ourselves that valuable headspace to re-evaluate every day if we need to and make sure we are using our time and energy to move towards actions that will, ultimately, give us fulfilment and happiness and a desirable outcome.

We are often so busy racing to achieve and be the best, the richest and the most successful that we fill our days with ‘must-do’ actions that are often pretty meaningless. It’s time to stop being busy for busy’s sake and refocus our efforts on making proper progress that will give us what we really want, NOT what we think we should have just because everyone else has it.

Daily writing in a journal is the way to make a powerful start towards your goals and will give you clarity, inner confidence, drive and motivation so grab that pen and start making the magic happen. 

It also gives us a chance to reflect on what we have already achieved and remind ourselves of how far we have come and how grateful we are for all that we already have in our lives. It’s very easy to overlook all this when we are racing around, and so often we arrive at our goals too exhausted to enjoy them and without even acknowledging what we have achieved along the way.

I can help you get clarity and move your goals closer. We have a FREE online course that is open for enrolment now but not for long and places are limited so that I can help each student. So, I would urge you to sign up today and take your next step. Write away the busyness in your life and focus on what’s REALLY important now.

Sarah x

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