Daily journaling…what’s the point?

Daily journaling is not new—of course it isn’t! We have written stuff down since the beginning of time for loads of different reasons and following the launch of my book The Life Edit, I have had a few questions about why writing and journaling really works and what the real point of it all is, and another question about the difference between journaling and keeping a diary.

Well I think these questions are perfectly reasonable and I will now attempt to answer them!

I have used journaling/daily writing myself forever. I have written about my worries, my fears, excitement and plans and I know that for ME writing or journaling every day is the secret to my progress and success so far.

Of course success is subjective and everyone has their different vision and understanding of what that means. For me-success is where I am right now earning a (very good) living working from home that enables me to write and help loads of people across the globe every day through my courses, blog posts and one to one coaching programmes, while living a life of balance, harmony and happiness. For me-a happy home life and a happy working life IS success but it would never have happened if I hadn’t made plans and set goals and I did that by journaling every day-and I still do as there are lots of other things that I plan to achieve!

Daily journaling isn’t magic BUT I know it helps the magic happen! Only a tiny percentage of people ever bother to write their goals down-the stats are something like 4 per cent-TINY! Those of us who DO bother to write our goals and journal about them DO achieve great things but this is not because we have access to magic pens and paper! It is for one of the most significant reasons that journaling or writing can have such positive impact.

Writing every day gives us tremendous focus—in fact laser beam focus to be precise. The act of using pen and paper (not keyboards and screens) to document our worries, thoughts and plans for the future gives them instant permanence. The very fact that we have bothered to spend time doing it makes it an important step and something to be treated with seriousness-by us and the universe which will start to work to help us achieve our goals once we have specific ideas and plans.

So I have no doubt that journaling and writing has transformative power when used properly and if you read our latest testimonials you will see it’s not just me either!

Here are five reasons why journaling is really helpful:

  1. It helps us clear our minds of anything that is bothering us. This is crucial because ‘clutter and chatter’ are very good at drowning out what we really want to do next
  2. It gives us precious time to focus our minds on positive goals that we want to work towards
  3. We can use it to make lists-a great way to get extra clarity
  4. We can use it to appreciate the life we have now by writing down all we are grateful for
  5. We can set goals and make a plan for how we will get there

Journaling is different to keeping a diary because it is so much MORE than a record of what we have done, or must do next. The daily writing practices that are in my book, are all based on looking at every part of your life, unravelling them and then making positive plans for change. It is not simply a case of listing what you have done today and what you will do tomorrow-although those things are important-journaling or daily writing is much more than that.

Daily writing gives us a chance to free our minds, silence the internal chatter and be clear about what we want and how we plan to get there.

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