Write Here…Write Now!

The title of today’s blog post is actually the title of the book I am writing that tells the story of the Write Your Life personal development programme and how daily journaling can be a very valuable tool in making significant, positive changes to our lives.

Anyone who has taken part in my workshops or one to one coaching sessions will (hopefully!) know by now that I am a perfectly normal human being who is capable of making mistakes, procrastinates with the best of them and is certainly NOT positive all the time!

I am telling you this because for the last couple of weeks I have been really rather unwell with a shocking chest infection. In fact I have been so ill that I haven’t really been able to work much or do very much of anything at all. As someone who is not very ‘good’ at being ill I would normally have found the whole process very frustrating and become increasingly stressed about work not being done, to do lists getting longer and missing out on one thing or another.

Well, I actually think in a weird way that being laid up for the last few days has given me a chance to reframe a few things and has really helped me get a bit of much-needed clarity.

I have basically started a new round of decluttering as a direct result of being ill, and one of the major decisions I made was to withdraw from a couple of online business networking groups that I had subscribed to.

Working from home, on my own in a garden office is great but apart from clients and people who attend my workshops and my accountant and funding partners I have a very small ‘business’ networking group. I have BIG ambitions this year to increase my revenue, publish at least one book and establish Write Your Life as a best selling online course, and I was concerned that without the support of ‘business’ friends this would not happen so I signed up for a couple of quite pricey business groups thinking that as an entrepreneur this is definitely what I need.

Well the groups are very good-lots of inspiring, brilliant people all doing amazing things and winning awards and making shit loads of cash and living life on their terms and being focused and organised and dedicated-just amazing people really all doing their thing and also being super supportive of everyone else too-great, I thought just what I need!

I have enjoyed some excellent webinars, FaceBook lives and watched some truly brilliant training videos-all packed with information, advice and help that is all massively relevant to what I am doing.


Here’s the thing, the access to all that stuff is brilliant and has been very helpful. The reason I have unsubscribed is because it was all getting TOO much! I started to panic if I missed a FB live or was late arriving to a webinar. I felt rubbish if I didn’t download every worksheet and fill it in immediately, I felt like I was under achieving if I wasn’t meeting the targets that we are all expected to announce once a week (although accountability is very good and powerful and does keep me focused!)

And then there are the three day seminars/bootcamps/workshops that I would dearly love to attend but simply can’t.

So, I felt the best way forward was to step back from all this online business networking for a while and focus on what I know I need to do (and what I love to do) which is write, teach, coach and create this year. By decluttering these groups I have actually given myself the freedom that the groups exist to help you achieve in the first place!

Before I joined them I was doing well and achieving great things-since I belonged to them I have started to get distracted and lose my focus. Maybe I haven’t been using them properly, maybe it’s a ” it’s me-not you” situation but for now I am going back to basics-clearing, setting goals and making a plan.

And I feel better already! I had a very interesting conversation with another small business owner at the weekend who was experiencing the same feeling of overwhelm but for different reasons. We talked about the importance of building your ‘team of champions’ and having a community round you who you can trust and rely on to support you because we ALL need support-it’s figuring out the KIND of support we need that’s important. The last thing any of us needs is to be in a a situation where the people in our world are making us feel rubbish, and If I am honest the networking groups I belonged to did have that effect on me but I know it was ME putting pressure on MYSELF which was making me feel that way. Sometimes a bit of pressure is good but you have to know when to step back, and now I do.

This happens to all of us from time to time so if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, or your sass is being hidden or hindered by something or, like me, you feel that you are being distracted or suffering from a severe case of FOMO then do not fear-this is normal! Get in touch by emailing me hello@sarahadams.me.uk and find out how my coaching programme can help you.

If you would like to receive a free chapter of my new book (published soon-keep checking back for the release date) then email me at hello@sarahadams.me.uk and I will send one over.

Have a brilliant week!

Sarah x