Seven Day Writing Challenge-Day 7


You have made it to Day Seven of our first ever seven day writing challenge and I am thrilled to have had you on board!

I really hope it has fired your imagination and got you thinking about all the things you can do and the changes that you can make to your life-all through the simple but deceptively powerful and impactful daily habit of writing in a notebook and recording your thoughts, feelings and plans.

Throughout the last seven days you have used daily writing to start to look carefully at the life you have now and where you want to be in the future. You have started to better understand how you feel about certain aspects of your life and started to look at how you can make changes. You are now clear about what you want and why, and you have started to create a clear vision through the life audit and edit process. It’s time now to consolidate all of your daily writing exercises and help you to start on the next chapter of your life.

Having rock solid self belief is crucial for moving forward-if you don’t believe you can do something then you probably won’t ever achieve it. Making sure our mindset is positive and monitoring the way we react to an event is also really important.

Often the way we feel about an event or a situation controls our mindset-remember it is NOT the event that is affecting us but the WAY we REACT to it. Always press your pause button and take a breath. See the whole picture and maintain a positive approach. Always use your daily writing time to evaluate how you handled a situation.

Today’s exercise is called:


On the left of your page write down what’s not working well/causing stress/anything negative or challenging

On the right write down all the actions that you think you might need to take that could FIX the problems

Then write down what you CAN change and what you CAN’T.

Delete anything that you have NO control over or ability to fix because there is NO point in stressing about things that you know you cannot change.

For all those things that you KNOW you CAN change, write a list of actions that you know you can work towards. Write down your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities that exist for change and any threats that may exist and could hinder your progress.


Write down what you do and how you spend your time every day for a week and notice what actions are causing you stress. Include lots of details about each task and then rate it from 1-10 with 1 being no stress and 10 being maximum stress.

Remember that your life is a story waiting to be written-by YOU. The previous chapters do not have to influence the ones that you are about to write. Your life can be any story you choose it to be. Write the script for the play that YOU want to act in!

We cannot go back and change the beginning of our story BUT we can start from NOW and write a brand NEW ending!


Writing down your goals by hand is a powerful and proven way to manifest significant and lasting change in your life.  Write HAPPY and live a life of fulfilled purpose and enormous excitement! Use happy and positive words and notice how you feel compared to when you write about negative experiences and feelings. You should write to clear and feel uplifted.


Writing helps us to explore new ideas and banish negativity. Grow and develop new ideas by writing every day. Use beautiful descriptive words to define your goals and aspirations.


Daily writing allows us to unburden ourselves but don’t always focus on perceived negativity. Document details about anything positive that is happening in your life and see what comes back at you! AND ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL!

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A HUGE well done for completing this challenge! I wish you enormous love and luck as you write the next chapters of YOUR life! 

Please DO email me and let me know how you got on!

S x

Here is today’s Podcast-enjoy!