Seven Day Writing Challenge-Day 3



A MASSIVE welcome to Day 3! You are pretty much half way through our Seven Day Writing Challenge now and you deserve a BIG WELL DONE for getting this far and sticking with it!

Today is a good time to check in with yourself and make sure you are feeling confident, clear and ready for change.

Today’s challenge is called:


Look at one of the goals that you are aiming for, or even a step towards one of your goals. Use the information you created in day 1 as a starting point.

Ask yourself THREE times WHY you really want to do this? Why is it a good idea? Why will it change your life? Why will it bring you what you want?

Don’t worry about how, just the WHY and the reason you want to achieve this goal.

This will really fire up your imagination and reignite your passion for change. 

Think about how you will FEEL when you reach this goal-what will happen to your life? Visualise the change and the new life that you will have.


Good things come to those who wait BUT better things come to those of us who go out and get them! 

Take one area of your life that isn’t quite functioning properly and write down all the ways that you could make it:

GOOD, BETTER, GREAT AND AWESOME! Be audacious and ambitious with your choice of words and remember that small, specific steps can take you easily from GOOD to AWESOME. 


Daily writing should be your new best friend and companion for life! It will ALWAYS be there to help you unravel, clear and plan. Edit your ideas and check in with yourself each day for the best results. Find your bravery and courage through your daily writing practice. Set amazing goals, find things out that will support you and write down your goals EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Good luck with Day 3-I will be back tomorrow for Day 4!

S x

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