Seven Day Writing Challenge-DAY 1

So here we are-WELCOME to Day 1 of the Write Your Life Seven Day Writing Challenge 2019!

Congratulations! You have signed up for seven days of inspiration, motivation and creative visualisation that I really hope will help you to get some clarity into your life and focus on YOU and YOUR goals for the year ahead.

Every day for the next seven days you will be presented with a writing task that has been specifically designed and created to help you with one or more areas of your life. The tasks will kickstart your goal setting and give you the opportunity to make significant and lasting changes. They should feel you leaving energised, excited and confident that you CAN make changes!

By completing each task in your journal you will soon start to feel clear, calm, grounded and have a specific vision of what you would like your life to look like.

The tasks do not take long to complete, but you MUST commit to completing each one in order to get the most out of the experience. When you have completed each task either email me here or pop over to our FaceBook page and let us know.

So….here is the FIRST of our writing challenges…

This Time Next….(week/month/year)

I am challenging you to write at least two pages on the subject of how your life will look this time next week, next month or next year or ALL three!

People who join my workshops are always asked to take part in this exercise to help them start to creatively visualise the kind of life they want. Once they have their vision we can then reverse engineer the whole idea to help them plan the steps they need to work towards in order to achieve their goal. We also look at any challenges that might crop up, accept them as being a vital part of the process and then find a way through them.

So today use your writing time to dream BIG! Think about what you want to do and write down how you would like things to be this time next week, next month, next year or all three if you want to-I will leave that up to you.

You might want to change your job, learn something new, improve your health and wellbeing, start volunteering for a charity, save money, start a business….the list is pretty endless and entirely up to YOU.

Don’t worry about HOW you will make the change-for now just concentrate on WHAT you really want and how it will make you feel.

If we focus too much on risk and responsibility it can cause us to lose motivation rapidly! We will deal with any challenges together as the week goes on, so don’t worry!

So that’s today’s challenge-get in touch if you need any guidance. I will see you back here tomorrow for Challenge Number 2! and remember if you need any writing tips for this challenge you can read them here.


S x

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