Get ready for the Seven Day Challenge!

I hope you are reading this because you are planning to sign up for our Seven Day Writing Challenge which kicks off tomorrow!

January is a tricky month-we feel we HAVE to make changes because everyone else is, but if we are really honest with ourselves all we really want to do is eat biscuits and watch Netflix!

However, if you DO want to set some new goals and make 2019 YOUR year then our little challenge is a very gentle but effective way to make a start.

If you have been thinking about doing something new this year but have not yet got off the starting blocks then THIS is going to be IDEAL for you because, my friends, procrastination will only kill your progress!

So…where do you start? Check out our handy list below for some inspiration and to make sure you are organised and raring to go tomorrow.

In preparation for tomorrow and the first of our seven daily writing challenges, here are our top ten tips for making your daily writing habit a success (and making sure you get it DONE!!)

Invest in a really good quality journal

Schedule in daily writing time—even ten minutes a day will help!

Use a mental trigger—if you usually stop for a coffee at 10.30am then make THAT your writing time

Choose a setting for your writing session that you are comfortable with

When you complete the daily tasks, write what comes to mind immediately—how you are feeling/what your plans are but don’t overthink it—just WRITE!

Write down each day ALL that you are grateful for

Write down your goals EVERY day

Write down affirmations and positive quotes/sayings

Lists are a great way to stay focused—make some!

At the end of this week look back over your journal entries to see how far you have come and then make plans for the next seven days. Hopefully once you have taken part in our Seven Day Challenge, you will feel empowered, excited and fired up to make daily journaling a regular part of your day.

Any questions-email me here.

I will see you back here tomorrow morning for Day 1!

S x

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