Make plans with our seven day challenge

On Tuesday January 15 we launch the first ever Write Your Life Seven Day Writing Challenge and we would LOVE to have you onboard!

Whether you are already an avid journaler or daily writer, or you have perhaps made a start before and given up after a day or two OR you have never kept a journal before then this simple, quick and potentially life changing challenge is for you.

We are a couple of weeks into 2019 now and I feel things are starting to settle down a bit-we have just about recovered from the festive holiday season and today, at least, the sun is shining and the world looks like an optimistic and exciting adventure (until the snow comes of course and then chaos will ensue!)

So what better time than to ease ourselves gently into something that has the power to make significant and lasting change?

So here’s how the challenge will work.

From next Tuesday, every morning at around 10am for the next seven days, a new blog post will go live. In that post you will receive a daily writing challenge to complete. The challenges have all been created and developed to target specific assets of life such as clearing, setting goals, unlocking limiting self belief and having an awareness of gratitude.

The challenge will talk you through the process, provide hints and tips to get you started and give you the chance to really challenge your limits and start the process of setting ambitious and achievable goals.

You should complete each challenge in your journal in handwriting, but please go over to our FaceBook page to let me know that you have done it and to ask any questions. I also really want to see photos of you and your journals so don’t be shy!

Any questions please email me or post a comment on the FB page.

I will be back on Monday to give you your final joining instructions and to give you some hints and tips to make sure this challenge really works for you!

Have a great weekend!

S x