Five reasons why writing every day is a REALLY good idea!

Starting something new and committing to continue with it are two very different things.    Although I don’t agree with New Year Resolutions I know lots of people out there are committing to make BIG changes this year, and I have feeling that 2019 is going to be a year of pretty massive change for LOTS of reasons (don’t get me started on Brexit-I have Brexit fatigue!)

But just writing on its own is not necessarily always enough. Any change that you make needs to be underpinned with a really good reason for doing so, and any goals you set have to fit the SMAART formula (Specific, Ambitious/Achieveable, Realistic and Time Limited)

But writing should be at the core of any personal development work that you engage with, because by writing things down we immediately give our plans permanence and confirm the fact that we really MEAN business and WANT to make changes. It takes time, effort and discipline to write down your goals every day but those of us in the small percentage of people who DO bother to do this, achieve great things.

Next week we launch our FREE WRITE YOUR LIFE 7 DAY WRITING CHALLENGE. You can  sign up by emailing me here  (so easy!) and commit to taking part in this exciting and dynamic writing project to really kick start your personal development in 2019.

Each day for 7 days you will be able to read a blog post containing a specific writing action that will help you to clear the clutter, explore new ideas and set fabulous goals that have the potential to change your life!

I will give you hints, tips and ideas through our Facebook page and there will also be short videos available to keep you on track. All you need to do is get a new journal or notebook and a good collection of pens and show up on Tuesday January 15 to find out what the first challenge is.

Seven days is a good amount of time to make a start with anything new, and if you LOVE it (which I KNOW you will!) then you can join our 14 and 28 day challenges too and really start to see a difference.

So to get things rolling, here are FIVE reasons why writing every day is a jolly good thing to do:

Writing every day helps you to…

W onder about your future

R eframe past events AND Re-boot!

I nvestigate your life and Ideas

T ake time for YOU

E nergise and Elevate your goal setting


Make sure you set a reminder to start our WRITE YOUR LIFE SEVEN DAY WRITING CHALLENGE ON TUESDAY JANUARY 15!

Catch up soon

S x