Why I NEVER make New Year Resolutions!

This time last year I made a pact with myself that I would work smarter not harder. It wasn’t a New Year Resolution but more of a solution that was needed to avoid the inevitable burnout and exhaustion that I was probably heading for and guess what?-it worked!

2018 WAS AWESOME and 2019 is looking pretty good so far too and I am sure that part of the reason for this is the simple fact that I have NOT and will NOT make any New Year Resolutions!

This is the bleakest, darkest time of the year and the last thing any of us should be doing is making it any harder than it needs to be. Why punish ourselves? If you really want to start new diets/exercise regimes/stop eating biscuits/kick the Netflix habit into touch (Really? Are you sure?!-in January??) then who am I to say otherwise but be kind to yourself because so many New Year Resolutions fall at the first hurdle and  then we are all crippled with feelings of failure. Change is all about timing-January does not HAVE to be YOUR time.

I find the overwhelming sense of ‘failure’ that some people subject themselves to at this time of year really sad and actually totally unnecessary. After all-anyone who knows me will know how I bang on about failure being nothing more than feedback-and it really is. It is a sign, a message or a signal that you need to stop, pause and re-think whatever it is you are doing. It does NOT mean you are a failure or that you have failed.

As a self employed ‘slashie’ (journalist/writer/coach/lecturer) the danger for me has always been to just keep on taking on more and more work based on the fear that I may one day not have any at all and therefore I will fail. However, working with people and organisations just because you ‘think’ you should even when it makes you UNHAPPY is not a recipe for success and is more likely to cause you misery!

Yes we all have to pay the bills,  BUT I know that doing work that MAKES ME HAPPY and that I really love, also means I CAN pay the bills-yes my friends breaking news! YOU CAN have a job that makes you HAPPY and earn as much money as you want or need in the process. You are ALLOWED to do that!

If you are happy in your work then success and wealth will follow-I have no doubt about it. And you don’t need to burn out or punish yourself to achieve it either. January is the time for solutions-not necessary resolutions.

Seriously-smart working is the way forward! If you are stressed, unhappy in your work and need change-NOW is the time to start looking for solutions.

So what ARE your plans looking like for the rest of 2019? Our first Write Your Life online course will be launched in the next few weeks along with a new Facebook Group-those are my two TOP priorities right now because I know there are loads of you out there who want to make changes but are not quite sure where to start.

My SOLUTION for 2019 is to help more people clear the clutter from their lives, set ambitious and achievable goals and make some exciting changes.

When I started creating the Write Your Life course and this blog, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. In fact, although the idea was mine, I wanted to share it with other people who would be able to help me make it look amazing and then reap the rewards of a successful business venture.

Book on women's hand

Being part of a group, having your team of champions and feeling supported and listened to are VITAL parts of making any kind of change. We all progress better and more confidently if we have good people around us.

I belong to a couple of excellent business groups-both have superb Facebook groups and the support, advice and wealth of knowledge in both is astounding. I have access to coaching, mentoring and a massive library of information that I have used to help me develop the Write Your Life course. I know first hand, how important group support can be.

When I run our Write Your Life workshops the sense of community and sharing of experiences is as important as anything that I will teach in those groups and the results of the last two six week workshops that I ran at the end of last year are testament to that.

Knowing that you NEED to change something in our lives and then actually finding a way to MAKE that change are two very different things. Often, the very thought of having to unravel things is enough to put us off because it means we no longer have the option to deny what is going on. We have to face it full on and deal with it-whatever IT is.

Doing this by ourselves can be hard. And when things get hard, we tend to give up and never make any progress. So another month, year, five years slip by and we are still where we were, doing the same thing and feeling the same way but now it is even harder to be motivated to make change. Meanwhile everyone else seems to have moved on.

Make 2019 YOUR year for change but EASY IN! Go and buy yourself a new journal or notebook, treat yourself to a fancy pen (or if you are like me an ENTIRE set of stationery!) and download some of our great FREE stuff here and here and here to get your started!

Our new course will be launching soon along with the FB group which I know will be a fab place to hang out and share ideas and tips for how journaling and writing every day can really help you plan and SMASH your goals this year. There will also be regular accountability sessions to make sure we ALL (me included!) stay on track in 2019.

I love hearing from you all so please email the team at hello@sarahadams.me.uk or find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I am SOOOOO looking forward to helping you reach your goals in 2019!

A happy, healthy, positive and brilliant New Year to you ALL! (and seriously-forget New Year Resolutions-start with me in February instead!)

Enormous love

S x