Let’s get specific…what do YOU REALLY want for Christmas and 2019?

If you have been following my blog this year, or have been taking part in any of my workshops, training sessions or one to one coaching programmes (and if you have been doing ANY of these things then a MASSIVE thank you and well done!) then you will probably have heard me banging on endlessly (!!!!) about the importance of being specific when you set your goals and make your plans.

Specificity or the quality of being clear and exact is so important when we want to make change because if we are too broad or vague when we talk about our ideas and write down our goals, it is will be much harder to work out what we really need to do to achieve those all important changes.

Then we get bored, irritated, uninspired and give up-what’s the point of that?!

So what DO you want? It’s a big question isn’t it? We are now in the Christmas season with a new year just a few weeks away. I am not a big believer in New Year Resolutions which is why my personal development courses tend to start in later summer/early autumn and early spring/summer. I think January 1 is just the wrong time of year for change-too much pressure and high expectations-but more of that in the New Year!

Now is a really good time to reassess what has happened this year and take time to sit down and think in detail about what you would like your life to look like moving forward-with a big emphasis on being specific about what you really want.

Do you find yourself envying the lives of others or perhaps feeling disenchanted with your own life?  Or maybe you’re  perplexed by how some people seem to have it all and you just seem to be on a constant confusing treadmill getting nowhere?

Do you realise though that unless you do something about your situation and take some positive action nothing will ever change? Yes it IS all down to YOU, and trust me on this you DO have the power to make significant and lasting changes to your life.

It may all seem very overwhelming but the first step is to think very specifically about what it is you want, because if you are not clear in your intentions, the universe will supply you with a random selection of opportunities that you may not like and which may disappoint you!

Imagine you’re in a restaurant instead of ordering what you really want from the menu you just say to your partner or your friend or even the waiter “Oh just bring me something that you think I will like!”

You could end up with a taste sensation or you could end up with something that you really don’t want at all!

And that’s because you have not been specific!

When it comes to what we want in life very few people are able to say what they want and even fewer take the time to write that down!

We’re going to start putting that right here and now with a really simple but very effective writing exercise called BE, DO, HAVE, GIVE, CREATE.  

Over the Christmas season I’d like you now to spend some time writing a list of everything that you would like to be, everything that you would like to do in your life everything that you would like to have, everything that you would like to give and everything that you would like to create.

I don’t want you to worry at all about risk or responsibility or money or  even how these changes will take place. I just want you to write down the wish list for your life. I have been using this exercise with clients and students for a long time and have seen some really inspiring and positive outcomes, so go for it!

Be ambitious and audacious, set big goals, dream big, use positive and proactive words and describe what you want in detail. Give this exercise energy and commitment!

When you have answered those questions you can share them with me on the Write Your Life Facebook page or by emailing me hello@sarahadams.me.uk 

Have a truly inspirational and fantastically positive festive season-however you choose to celebrate and I really hope that you get exactly what you want for Christmas this year!

Sarah xxx