Write Your Life Challenge….’tis the season to get writing!

How many of you will actually write and send Christmas cards this year? I completely get the very valid environmental reasons for NOT doing this BUT…I still think that there is nothing better than actually receiving and sending meaningful and sustainable cards and letters at any time of year, and if they are handcrafted then so much the better!

Writing anything by hand is a totally different cognitive and physical experience than using a keyboard or a touchscreen. We get far more benefit from using a pen and whatever we write has more meaning-that’s why people love receiving hand written cards and letters.

It takes time to write by hand, something that so many of us claim to never have enough of, but the act of taking time to write by hand always leaves us feeling better, more relaxed and in tune with things so why don’t we do it more often? If you are an avid daily writer or journaler then sending hand written cards, notes and letters is probably second nature, but what if you haven’t quite embraced this yet but want to make a start?

To celebrate the Christmas season we are launching a writing challenge to encourage people to start a regular writing ritual and discover how writing by hand can really help with personal development and kickstart plans to reach exciting new goals in 2019. This year, if you are feeling less than enthusiastic about the prospect of sending Christmas cards read our top ten reasons why you should, and see if inspiration strikes!

If you read to the end of the post you will also see a special festive message from me with the chance to receive a gift that could be life changing in 2019!

Top ten list of reasons why sending Christmas cards is a good thing to do…

  1. If you choose sustainable paper products that are recyclable you are helping the environment (so much the better if at least some of the cash goes to a charity)
  2. If you choose handmade or crafted cards you will be supporting a local business or craftsperson
  3. If you choose to make your own cards yourself then you will feel a great sense of achievement and satisfaction (and the recipients will LOVE it!)
  4. Spending time to write anything by hand is a great way to zone out out of our digitised world and relax
  5. Send cards with a meaningful and thoughtful message and notice how you feel after you have written them
  6. Avoid Christmas card overwhelm by writing a few at a time or a few each day
  7. Take time to choose a pen and a comfortable place to write your cards-have a festive coffee and mince pie on hand to keep energy levels up!
  8. You will be connecting with people who perhaps you have not seen all year-make plans to meet up or catch up with them soon and suggest this in the card
  9. Use your card writing this year as the first step towards creating a daily writing habit
  10. Write in your journal how many Christmas cards you sent and how you felt when you wrote them.

I am sure there are loads of other reasons why sending hand written cards and letters is a good thing, so let me know your reasons by getting in touch hello@sarahadams.me.uk

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