Top ten tips for daily writing success

Sometimes we may have the best of intentions but life has a nasty habit of getting in the way and convincing us to put things off until tomorrow.

Procrastination will kill your progress!

Sometimes a quick checklist is all you need to get the ball rolling so here are our top ten tips for making your daily writing habit a success (and making sure you get it DONE!!)

  1. Invest in a really good quality journal
  2. Schedule in daily writing time—even ten minutes a day will help!
  3. Use a mental trigger—if you usually stop for a coffee at 10.30am then make THAT your writing time
  4. Choose a setting for your writing session that you are comfortable with
  5. Write what comes to mind immediately—how you are feeling/what your plans are but don’t overthink it—just WRITE!
  6. Write down each day ALL that you are grateful for
  7. Write down your goals EVERY day
  8. Write down affirmations and positive quotes/sayings
  9. Lists are a great way to stay focused—make some!
  10. Each week look back over your journal entries to see how far you have come and then make plans for the next seven days.

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