Fake Positivity

I get asked a lot about positivity-actually I have one ‘friend’ who simply cannot stand the fact that I am often positive and he maintains that the whole thing is a complete nonsense and that I am deluded. As I am a regular human being (which he clearly failed to observe) I am NOT positive all of the time at all. 

The power of writing

VERY few people ever bother to take time to write down their goals and plans for the future. Those who do achieve great things.”

In this blog post we are going to find out about the power of handwriting and why it is so effective as a self development tool.

Your life…your story

Remember that your life is a story waiting to be written—by YOU. The previous chapters do not have to influence the ones that you are about to write. Your life can be any story you choose it to be. Write the script for the play that YOU want to act in!