Daily journaling and our list of the top five ‘life edits’


Editing is the only way to clear the clutter and get a good view of what’s ahead. The Life Edit is a major part of the Write Your Life programme and it gives us clarity.

Using daily journaling and writing practices we can easily and quickly see what is in our way and what needs to be nurtured, edited or deleted from our lives. Remember that editing is NOT the same as deleting! We can use editing to make things BETTER and IMPROVE THEM. If something is NEVER going to serve you well, that’s when we need to DELETE it!

Here are our top five Life Edits-write down the answers to these questions:

1. Look at the strengths that your current life has. Edit anything that will NOT support your goal setting. Identify areas of weakness or challenge and edit them by making improvements where necessary.

2. Be honest-what really needs to go from your life to make space for exciting changes?

3. Write how your life will be when you have edited the things that are not serving you well.

4. What opportunities and resources are available to you that can really help you move forward?

5. Edit anything from your life that could be a potential threat to success. Define and set your goals based on your new edited life.

Now visualise your future self-what does your life look like now? Who is in your life? How do you feel?