Audit, clear and set goals


“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

An audit is an investigation, and part of the Write Your Life formula is all about investigating and researching our lives to see what really works well and what doesn’t.

Your Life Audit is a really important part of this formula and has been designed specifically to help you identify areas of your life that will support your goal setting as well as those that will not. But why bother and what’s the point because surely any weaknesses will soon become obvious as we start making our plans?

And actually that’s the REAL problem! It is far better to assess every area of our lives BEFORE we start working towards our goals than to wait until we are on our new life journey and then come unstuck. There is nothing more frustrating than hitting a bump in the road just when you think you have it all sorted!

Starting with firm foundations and the support of your team of champions is vital to your future success and guaranteed to supercharge your goal setting.

A good way to start this process is with a simple writing exercise. Using a pen and paper encourages deeper thinking, more self-reflection and we stay more focussed. In your journal or on a piece of paper, write down what you want to change in the areas you looked at in the last blog post on Life Values.

Look at how things are now and then write as freely as you can about how YOU want things in these areas to change. Remember that your daily journaling practice is for YOU and about YOU. You do not have to show anyone anything that you have written OR ask for approval! Write YOUR Life is about YOU and this is your chance to write the script for the rest of your life.

We very rarely carry out a life audit, even though we have regular dental and medical check-ups, make appointments for beauty treatments and make time to take exercise, very few of us ever carry out a life audit until we are forced to do so.

This is your chance to do just that! Audit your life-investigate what works, remove what doesn’t and start to make changes.

Write freely for 15 minutes or as long as you can and see what comes up for you – you will be surprised I guarantee it!